Spiders in space weave a web of scientific inspiration for Spider-Man fans

While spiders were busy spinning webs in space, researchers on Earth weaved their knowledge of this activity into educational materials to inspire and motivate students. Now, this free, Web-based guide is being re-released through Scholastic and Sony Pictures as curriculum for educators to leap on the excitement surrounding the release of the film, “The Amazing Spider-Man 2.”

The Origin Story of Viking Santa Claus?

  Who’s sick and tired of origin story movies? How many times have we seen the origin of Superman and Spider-Man? Who cares how the Death Star was built? And who cares how Santa Claus came to be? Didn’t we see that on a Rankin Bass special already?  

Marvel freebie deal crashes site

We recently reported on a sweet offer Marvel made to comic fans everywhere. For only several days, you could have downloaded 700 debut issues from Marvel’s library for free. This included the legendary debuts of Spider-Man, the Astonishing X-Men, and more.

Download 700 Marvel debut issues for free

The Kindle has truly reinvented the publishing industry and the comic business.

Green Goblin to appear in Amazing Spider-Man 2?

Writer/director of To Kill Your Darlings may have spilled the beans.

Evil Dead remake fights the ratings board

It’s not easy being a horror film director. The genre still isn’t totally accepted by the mainstream, and many horror helmers have had to do battle with the ratings board over gore and violence.

The end is nigh for Spider-Man

Superhero deaths aren’t a new phenomenon. We saw Superman die, then come back reborn.

Foxx, DeHann confirmed for The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Casting moves forward on the highly anticipated sequel.  

Everybody wants to be Harry Osborn

Sony Pictures is currently casting for the part of Harry Osborn in The Amazing Spider-Man 2.

The Lego sets of New York Comic Con

LEGO showed off a tall stack of new sets from their various genre-media partnerships at this year's NYCC.

Amazing Spider-Man video collects the spoilers

There has been an unfortunate trend in film marketing lately in which genre films are far over exposed in the plethora of trailers, previews, and clips disseminated before a film is released.

The Amazing Spider-Man clip takes over the experiment

Sony Pictures has posted a new clip from the upcoming Amazing Spider-Man.

Michael Bay says Transformers 4 won't be a reboot

Love it or hate it, Transformers is essentially Michael Bay's franchise, and he's made it distinctly his own. 

Amazing Spider-Man clip hides in the back-seat

Columbia Pictures has released a new clip and featurette from its upcoming super hero adventure, The Amazing Spider-Man.

The Amazing Spider-Man clip shatters the backboard

Columbia Pictures has released a new clip from its upcoming super hero adventure, The Amazing Spider-Man.

The Lizard finally speaks in The Amazing Spider-Man featurette

Columbia Pictures has released a featurette for its upcoming super hero adventure, The Amazing Spider-man.

The Amazing Spider-Man b-roll footage lands on the mattress

Colombia Pictures has released a bevy of b-roll footage for The Amazing Spider-Man.

Amazing Spider-Man trailers scale new heights

Columbia Pictures has released two new videos depicting Rhys Ifans in his role as Curt Connors in The Amazing Spider-Man.

The Amazing Spider-Man trailer throws its weight around

Columbia Pictures has released a new international trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man.

The Amazing Spider-Man promos find results

Columbia Pictures has released a number of new videos in promotion of the upcoming super hero adventure film.