Rustock botnet back after Christmas break

Oh well, it was nice while it lasted. But, as feared, the Rustock botnet is back, heralding the arrival of millions more spam emails pushing Viagra and penis extension.

Spam levels fall: the calm before the storm?

In a war movie, it's when the enemy goes quiet that you really need to worry. And the same might apply to the news that spam levels seem to have dropped precipitously over the last couple of weeks.

Half the world's spam comes from just 50 ISPs

Just 50 ISPs are responsible for the bulk of the world's spam, a new study shows, bringing hope that it might be a little easier than expected to wipe out some of the world's most prolific botnets.

Spamming civil servant fails to find love

An Australian civil servant is in big trouble with his bosses after emailing almost 7,000 of his colleagues in search of a woman he'd met at a party.

Serial Facebook scammer fined $873M

The Quebec Superior Court has ordered a serial Facebook spammer to pay the popular social networking site a whopping $873 million.

Ping already flooded with spam and scams

Well, it's worked beautifully with Facebook, and spammers have been quick to get going with fake surveys on Ping.

"Dislike" scam hits Facebook

Security researchers are warning Facebook members to avoid clicking on a link that purportedly offers users easy access to a "dislike" button.

Cybercriminals launch multi-stage attacks

Cybercriminals have reportedly increased their effectiveness by launching "multi-stage" attacks that combine messaging with other Web activities. 

FTC shuts down 'rogue' ISP

The Federal Trade Commission has shut down an ISP that it says was  actively helping distribute spam, spyware and child pornography.

China cleans up its act on spam

The US is still the world's worst spam offender, with 13.1 percent of the lovely stuff being relayed through the country.

Gamers more prone to spam and phishing

Gamers beware - you're 50 percent more likely to suffer spam and phishing attacks than other social network users.