Cybercriminals offer spam-ready SMTP servers for rent/direct managed purchase

We continue to observe an increase in underground market propositions for spam-ready bulletproof SMTP servers, with the cybercriminals behind them trying to differentiate their unique value proposition (UVP) in an attempt to attract more customers.Let’s profile the underground market propositions of what appears to be a novice cybercriminal ...

Worldwide spam war breaks out

A spam-a-lam-a-ding- dong has erupted between a group dedicated to fighting spam and a Dutch outfit which hosts a few spammy sites.

Aussie watchdog bites Groupon

Online coupon outfit Groupon is in hot water with Aussie regulators after its "newsletters" were categorized as spam.

FTC charges 29 over 'gift card' scam

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is continuing its crusade against spam, cracking down on a scam promising free gift cards via text message.

Account hijackers rife, warns Google

Google's warning of a big increase in the number of email accounts being hijacked - but says that things would be more than 100 times worse it it weren't for the company's efforts.

Android phones hijacked for botnet

If you've downloaded any free Android games recently and don't have an unlimited SMS plan, you may be in for a nasty surprise when the next phone bill hits the mat.

Tumblr cleans up after hack

Thousands of Tumblr users have been inundated with spam, following a worm launched by hacking group GNAA.

BAD, bad piggies!

Fake Bad Piggies games sold in the Google Chrome web store may have infected 80,000 users with malware.

Spam levels to drop by one fifth

You may notice a dramatic slump in the amount of spam in your inbox over the coming weeks: what's claimed to have been the world's third-largest botnet has been taken down.

Twitter fights spammers with lawsuit

In an attempt to get rid of the flood of spam across Twitter, the company's filed a lawsuit agaisnt several companies it says are some of the worst offenders.

Google explains how it identifies spam

Some people ignore the very existence of their spam folder; others, though, have a check-through every now and again to see if they've missed anything vital.

Industry giants team up to fight phishing

Microsoft, Google, Facebook, PayPal and others have announced a new joint effort to combat spam and phishing.

McAfee glitch turns customers' PCs into spambots

McAfee says it's fixed a problem with its SaaS Total Protection software that was allowing users' PCs to be turned into spam servers.

Spam levels fall, but targeted attacks on the rise

The amount of spam winging its way into our inboxes has fallen to its lowest level in three years - although it still accounts for seven out of ten emails, says Symantec.

'Spamford' Wallace indicted for Facebook hack

So-called spam king Sanford Wallace has been charged with hacking the accounts of half a million Facebook users to send 27 million spam emails.

Google spams users of Google+

Many early adopters of the Google+ social network found themselves bombarded with spam over the weekend, because of a bug triggered after the site ran out of disk space.

Twitter's Top Tweets spreads adult spam

Twitter's own Top Tweets account appears to have been hacked - either that, or the company's algorithms have been rewritten by somebody really full of the joys of spring.

TripAdvisor hacked, but passwords secure

Travel site TripAdvisor has admitted that it's been hacked, and that the company's email list has been stolen. It's warning its customers that they may be set to receive quantities of spam as a result.

Microsoft endorses multiple personalities with "alias" email

Everyone has a throwaway email account used to sign up for free coupons and newsletters that you would never want delivered to your real account.

Google attempts to take spam off the menu

Google's conceding that its search results are sometimes less than ideal, and is promising new efforts to reduce the amount of spam that it generates.