Destiny is Bungie's new franchise

The creator of the wildly popular Halo franchise has confirmed the development of a new genre game titled Destiny.

Juno spacecraft executes deep space maneuver

NASA's Juno spacecraft executed a deep space maneuver earlier today, with the burn occurring more than 298 million miles (480 million kilometers) away from Earth. 

Crippled Russian probe set to hit Earth within days

The stricken Russian spacecraft, Phobos-Grunt, is likely to crash to Earth on Sunday or Monday, say scientists tracking its path.

New spacecraft propulsion system ready for tests

While electric propulsion (EP) of spacecraft is already competing successfully with chemical thrusters, the cost has been extremely high.

'Small' safety risk as satellite falls to Earth

Put on your hard hats, everybody: NASA's warning that a defunct satellite is set to hit the earth sometime in the next six weeks.

Amazon founder's spaceship crashes

A spaceship financed by Amazon founder Jeff Bezos was lost during a test flight late last week.

Belt of antimatter found circling Earth

The Earth is surrounded by a belt of antimatter - and it could perhaps be used to power future spacecraft, a team of scientists has suggested.

NASA reveals design for deep space vehicle

NASA's announced its plans for the US spacecraft it hopes will take human beings into deep space.

Control system lets spacecraft think for themselves

Manfully resisting the temptation to call it HAL, a team at the University of Southampton has developed the world's first control system to allow satellites and spacecraft to think for themselves.

Solar sail flotilla could intercept Apophis asteroid

The Apophis asteroid (99942) is expected to pass uncomfortably close to Earth in 2036.

Amateur team to test manned spacecraft next week

A group of Danish amateurs will next week launch its own rocket - with plans for a manned flight to follow if all goes well.

Iridium picks Falcon 9 to launch next-generation satellites

The successful launch of the Falcon 9 rocket two weeks ago obviously impressed the punters - Iridium has signed a deal with the Falcon's creator, SpaceX, to use it to launch a fleet of commercial satellites.

Boeing preps next-gen GPS for launch

Boeing has completed prelaunch testing for the first of 12 next-generation Global Positioning System (GPS) IIF navigation spacecraft.