Hubble Telescope snaps picture of distant galaxies

600 million years after the Big Bang?

Virgin Galactic unveils spaceship

Test flights to start next year

UK military closes UFO department

Ex-X Files

Black hole seen building its own galaxy

Forming 350 stars per year

NASA finds new evidence for life on Mars

Meteorite contains fossil bacteria

Bulgarian scientist says he talks to aliens

And they don't like us wearing lipstick

China readies second Moon mission

Projects manned mission by 2017

Cassini records Saturn's northern lights

A lightshow seven hundred miles high

Mars once had a huge ocean

Research shows extensive valley network

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And make some coffee while you're at it

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Giant photos to go on display nationwide

Solar sail set for launch next year

With $1m to speed it on its way

Messenger probe reveals new areas of Mercury

Volcanic features discovered

Space elevator climbs nearly 1km high

Famously proposed by Arthur C Clarke, a space elevator is a little closer to reality.

Distant galaxy cluster sheds light on 'cosmic skeleton'

Astronomers have discovered a gigantic assembly of galaxies located almost seven billion light-years from Earth.

Russia plans nuclear rocket for manned Mars mission

Russia is planning to build a nuclear-powered spacecraft for a manned mission to Mars.