Playboy wants to make it in space

Forget about that stack of Playboy magazines you have lying around, because those are so very last century.

Angry Birds will catapult us into space

The phenomenon known as Angry Birds is taking a giant leap forward into... space?

Worms could hold key to human survival in space

A colony of tiny worms originally dug up from a city garbage dump has survived a stint in space, in research aimed at helping discover how the human body might cope with a trip to another planet.

'Sweet spots' for life identified - and our solar system isn't one

Astrobiologists say they've discovered where in outer space complex organic molecules - the building blocks of life - are most likely to form.

DNA components confirmed to come from space

The building blocks of DNA have been arriving here from meteorites in greater quantity than previously thought, lending weight to the idea that the seeds of life on Earth originated in space.

Russia says it will sink the International Space Station

First NASA launched its final shuttle mission earlier this month, and now Russia is debating how to do away with the International Space Station (ISS) as it nears the end of its life cycle.

NASA links SPHERES robots to Android smartphones

If you thought little Android helpers only came in the form of green robots, think again.

NASA braces for massive layoffs

Now that the final NASA space shuttle mission has ended, the agency is tasked with the daunting responsibility of laying off approximately 3,200 contractors.

Congress demands answers from NASA

NASA is feeling the pressure as Congress demands a finalized design for a heavy-lift rocket that will be used to launch future manned space missions.

NASA launches robotic gas station

Watch out gas station attendants, NASA is now experimenting with a Robotic Refueling Mission experiment that will provide refueling and minor repairs to spacecraft already in orbit.

China want to explore the Moon, Venus and Mars

In light of last week's final NASA space shuttle launch, Beijing is stepping up to the plate with aspirations of exploring the Moon, Venus and Mars.

Hydrogen peroxide found in interstellar space

Hydrogen peroxide has been found for the first time in space, and astronomers are excited - not because it indicates that aliens are bottle blondes, but because it gives clues to how water may be formed.

Moon tape recovered after forty years

Sure, it’s easy to misplace your stapler, but what about a tiny piece of transparent tape covered in moon dust brought back with the Apollo 11 astronauts!?

NASA to launch robotic gas station into orbit

Refueling your spaceship at the local robot gas station may not just be a piece of science fiction movies anymore.

This iPhone app is shooting for the moon

A startup company known as Moon Express Inc. has deployed a new app developed by CrowdOptic to give researchers and fanboys an augmented reality experience of shuttle launches.

Hubble telescope celebrates 21st birthday in style

This week, the Hubble Space Telescope turned 21! Shots? Well, not for this special birthday.

DARPA's new telescope is ready for aliens

The Air Force and the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) have just created the world’s coolest telescope, strong enough to see all those aliens on other planets. 

Could AI be used to launch and guide rockets?

Could artificial intelligence help rockets launch themselves? With greater automation, rockets would be capable of self-checking for problems, self-diagnosing, and hopefully, fixing minor pre or post launch issues.

Bugs in space!

Scientists have been studying how spaceflight makes bacteria more virulent, in work that could have implications for the health of the Earthbound as well as astronauts.

Top-secret robotic space plane achieves orbit

An experimental robotic space plane was launched into space today atop the Atlas V rocket as part of a classified Air Force mission that could last up to nine months.