Space accelerates e-mobility

A European Space Agency (ESA) business incubation start-up company is helping major car manufacturers to develop electric vehicle concepts and improve safety systems by turning ideas quickly into virtual prototypes.

Black holes measure the expansion of our universe

A few years ago, researchers revealed that the universe is expanding at a much faster rate than originally believed — a discovery that earned a Nobel Prize in 2011.

Space X Dragon reaches orbit despite thruster malfunction

SpaceX managed to successfully launch its third flight to the International Space Station (ISS) this morning despite an issue with the Dragon spacecraft's thruster pods.

Arduino Uno spotted at NASA's Swamp Works research facility

Most people would probably expect to find millions of dollars worth of cutting-edge equipment at a NASA research facility. And they would be right, of course, but there may also be some surprises waiting for the unsuspecting visitor. 

Iran sends monkey to space

Iran's successfully given a live monkey a round trip into space, the country's Al-Alam television channel reports.

Deep Space Industries wants FireFly ships to mine asteroids

A few years ago, if a company had stepped up and said it planned to send unmanned spacecraft to explore the possibility of mining asteroids in near earth orbit, quite a number of us probably would have politely chuckled.

Fresco explores the cosmos from your Android smartphone

If you're a fan of astronomy or simply enjoy looking up at the nighttime sky, you probably are already familiar with a number of space-related apps for smartphones, such as Google's Sky Map.

Skydiver prepares for 23-mile plunge

Austrian skydiver Felix Baumgartner says he's all set for his record-breaking attempt to jump from the edge of space next Monday.

Primeval: New World trailer becomes the hunted

SPACE has released a trailer for its upcoming dinosaur hunter spin-off.

Future spacecraft could be powered by nuclear waste

The British government is reportedly looking for ways to offset the cost of cleaning up nuclear waste by finding commercial uses for what may be the world's largest stockpile of civil plutonium.

Virgin to give freqent flier a free trip to space

Nervous flyers may not wish to read any further - but if you ever planned to see the world, this is the time to do it.

Kirk and Crusher team up on Mars

NASA's Curiosity rover is scheduled to land on the surface of Mars at 1:31 AM EDT on August 6.

Worms live longer in space - might people do the same?

Living in space can extend an organism's lifespan - if that organism's a  microscopic worm, at least.

PLANT system gives astronauts fresh food in space

When I was little, once a summer my family would travel to the big science museum in Boston, Mass.

China wants to cooperate in space

Beijing has reiterated its long-standing offer to cooperate with the United States in space. 

Researchers eye space-based solar power

Solar power collected in space could ultimately be tapped to provide the renewable energy of the future.

Robots, not humans will explore space

A Penn State engineer believes autonomous, self-replicating exobots will ultimately be tasked with exploring the universe.

Sandstorms discovered in space

Astronomers believe they've solved the mystery of how dying stars disintegrate.

Video: Angry Birds Space teased with NASA tie in

Angry Birds has turned out to be one of the most popular titles in the history of video games.

Video: Lego space shuttle almost makes it to space

I've always been a big fan of Lego models, especially when uber-geeks take the little bricks and create advanced designs or structures.