Samsung's knuckles rapped over HTC affair

Taiwan’s Fair Trade Commission is looking at allegations that Samsung paid students to attack rival HTC’s smartphones online.

This diagonal skyscraper is energy efficient

It may seem strange to call 1,125-foot skyscraper efficient, given the energy it takes to build such a monumental structure.

China's alleged to be behind Korean hack

South Korean investigators have traced back Wednesday's cyber attack that crippled the country's banking system to Chinese servers. Although Chinese IP addresses were used in the attack, North Korea remains the prime suspect.

North Korea accused of hacking South Korean banks

Computer networks at several South Korean banks and TV broadcasters crashed simultaneously early Wednesday. The attack paralysed ATMs across the country starting at 0520 GMT and they were still down six hours later.

Mobile phones feature in North, South Korean divide

As the tech press gears up to shower Samsung’s new Galaxy S4 with praise, North Korea is threatening to shower the South with a deadly blanket of ancient Soviet artillery and maybe even a pinch of uranium fuelled instant sunshine. 

LG taking preorders for 55-in OLED screen

LG looks set to be the first TV manufacturer to get a 55-inch OLED TV out of the factory and onto the shelves, ahead of rival Samsung.

Super-sized ship to install giant wind turbines

Here's at least least one consequence of super-sizing offshore wind turbines that you might not have considered: The equipment needed to install those turbines is getting bigger as well.

Can 4D break through in the States?

You've already seen a movie in 3D, but what about 4D?

South Korea blames Chinese hackers over massive data theft

South Korea is blaming Chinese hackers for stealing data from 35 million accounts on two websites: Cyworld, a popular social networking platform, and Nate, a web portal.

Samsung confirms 3 million Galaxy S II pre-orders

Samsung says it managed to clinch a whopping three million Galaxy S II (global) pre-orders. 

South Korean police raid Google's Seoul office

South Korean police have raided Google's Seoul office after the search giant was accused of illegally collecting private location data from mobile users via its AdMob platform. 

Police storm the offices of Google Korea

National Police Agency officers in South Korea today raided Google office space in the country to find evidence that the search giant was illegally storing private user information.

Sentry robots patrol Korean DMZ

The South Korean army has deployed two robot sentries to help soldiers patrol the demilitarized zone (DMZ) that separates the Republic from its secretive communist neighbor.

South Korean rocket may have crashed

A South Korean rocket which was launched yesterday has crashed, a local news station reports.

Psychiatrist compares video game addicts to junkies

An undoubtedly well-meaning psychiatrist has claimed that video game dependence is similar to drug and alcohol addiction.

South Korea scandalized by StarCraft betting ring

The global e-sports community is reeling from reports that a number of pro-gamers in South Korea may have engaged in StarCraft match fixes and illegal betting.

Korea bans after-hours online gaming

In a country where nearly 40% of male students are reportedly addicted to video games, South Korea is trying to curb the growing problem by cutting off access to online games after midnight.

Forget 3D! Watch Avatar in 4D!

Were you impressed by Avatar in all its overhyped 3D glory? Well, forget that! Avatar has gone 4D. 

Chip spies arrested in South Korea

Just what we need in the boring old chip industry, a John LeCarre style tale of corporate espionage, intrigue and sex.