Ancient crocs swam to North America

Relatives of the alligator made it to North America ten million years earlier than mammals, swimming there more than 19 million years ago.

Unique 'magma sombrero' found in Andes

Scientists examining 20 years of satellite data have found a sombrero-shaped bubble of magma 62 miles across - and, appropriately, located in South America.

Video: ‘Superbird’ dives 150 feet underwater in 40 seconds

An international team of researchers associated with the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) recently fitted a South American sea bird with a small camera.

GeoHot still stoked about cracking Sony's Xperia Play

Yes, the talented PS3 hacker known as GeoHot is currently vacationing in South America. However, contrary to what Sony wants you to believe, Hotz is just simply enjoying spring break.

Sony whines as GeoHot takes a breather

A very whiny Sony is accusing famed Playstation 3 hacker George Hotz of handing over two "nonfunctional" hard drives before flying off to South America.