New Dolby sound will have movie audiences cowering

Dolby's invented a new sound system so realistic, it says, that it'll scare the life out of movie-goers.

Cassini monitors biggest-ever Saturn storm

NASA scientists have captured both the sight and sounds of a storm on Saturn that covers eight times the surface area of Earth.

Portable music players cause subtle hearing damage

Listening to loud music can make it harder to discriminate sounds - even when the hearing threshold is normal.

Device aims to beat fear of the dentist's drill

Now, please no jokes about British teeth - things may be about to change. A group of UK scientists reckon they've found a way of persuading more people to the dentist, by counteracting the common phobia of the dreaded drill.

US military loses contact with experimental hypersonic vehicle

The US military has apparently lost contact with an experimental hypersonic vehicle over the Pacific Ocean.