A closer look at Sony's All Stars Battle Royale

Sony is showcasing its All Stars Battle Royale game at E3 2012 in Los Angeles, California.

Sony partners with HTC for Playstation Mobile push

The first non-Sony manufacturer to offer Playstation content will be HTC.

Unlike Microsoft, Sony at E3 is all about games

There was a markedly different tone between Sony and Microsoft during yesterday's pre-E3 media events.

Sony intros augmented reality books for PS3

Sony thinks it has discovered the next step forward in books.

Rumor: PS3 to stream PS1, PS2 games

Bolstering an earlier rumor, there are now new reports that the PS3 will soon offer nearly all PS1 and PS2 games.

Painting a complex portrait of Steve Jobs

Writing about Steve Jobs would be a dream gig for any A-list screenwriter, right?

PS3 ebook platform coming soon: rumor

Would you pay for ebooks if you could read them on your TV from your PS3?

Sony to open E3 press conference doors to the masses

If you don't work in video game journalism, you can still go to the Sony pre-E3 press conference.

LittleBigPlanet PS Vita behind-the-scenes trailer

Here's a look behind-the-scenes at the newest adventure for Sackboy.

Rumor: Sony working on Playstation cloud partnership

Sony is apparently looking to make a big impression in the cloud space.

Playstation Network to be down all day

Sony has scheduled maintenance for its online network today.

PS3 'pre-loading' service coming soon

Playing a game on launch day could soon be as easy as turning on your TV.

Steve Wozniak had active hand in Steve Jobs biopic

Steve "The Woz" Wozniak, who once was one of Steve Jobs's closest confidants, is being described as being a "tutor" for Sony Pictures.

Sony Xperia S next to get Ice Cream Sandwich

The very first Sony Mobile Communications phone will be the very next phone to get Android 4.0.

Aaron Sorkin writes The Life of Steve Jobs

As you've probably seen by now, there's reports everywhere right now about the independent biopic of Steve Jobs, entitled JOBS, complete with pictures of Ashton Kutcher made up like the late Apple visionary. 

Sony doles out large batch of downloadable PSP games on Vita

Sony is making its truly die-hard fans a little happier.

Sony and Panasonic step up OLED TV efforts

After Samsung unveiled its new OLED TV, Sony and Panasonic are apparently stepping up their respective games.

Sony E3 press conference will be televised by G4

Even though it seems Spike TV will not be airing Sony's E3 press conference next month, G4 will be.

Playstation Vita sales climb to 1.8 million

Sony's new handheld has shown strong growth lately, but there's still a lot of room to grow.

Samsung unveils 55-inch OLED TV

Samsung plans to continue its TV innovation by becoming the first to offer a "big-screen" TV with OLED technology.