"Super slim" PS3 appears to be on the way

The PS4 may be even further down the road as it appears Sony is working on a new PS3.

PS4 apparently in development since 2010

An online resume of a former Sony employee sheds new light on the company's next home console.

Sony's newest Google TV device to have Onlive

Sony's electronics division seems to be willing to cozy up with a rival to its gaming division.

Nobody knows who's developing Black Ops for Vita

So...who exactly is making the Playstation Vita version of Call of Duty: Black Ops?

Sony will buy cloud gaming service Gaikai

Sony's presence in the world of cloud gaming is about to explode.

Official YouTube app lands for Sony PS Vita

If you're a gamer who picked up the PS Vita when the portable game console first launched, you probably noticed the integrated web browser left something to be desired.

Thatgamecompany brings PS3 collection to retail

A trio of downloadable PS3 titles will be making their way to retail stores for the first time.

PS3 firmware goes to version 4.2

It's that time again.

Sony NSZ-GS7 Google TV set-top box hits pre-order

If you're in the market for a new set-top box that supports Google's TV operating system, you might be interested in Sony's new platform currently up for pre-order in both the United States and UK.

Sony Xperia Ion promotion begins

Sony is ready to tout its flagship smartphone the Xperia Ion.

Sony Xperia S Android 4.0 update goes live

Sony's Xperia S smartphone is the latest recipient of an Android 4.0 upgrade.

Game visionary John Carmack not excited about new consoles

One of the most heralded game designers sees the evolution of game consoles as lackluster.

Sony says PS4 will offer "significant" enhancements

Sony is unequivocal in its assertions that the PS3 is still the best console that it can make.

Aaron Sorkin talks Steve Jobs

Aaron Sorkin, like any top A-list screenwriter in Hollywood, is clearly a busy man. 

Sony's new Google TV device hits pre-orders for $199

Sony is looking to get back into the Google TV market.

Ice Cream Sandwich comes to Sony Tablet P

The unique dual-sceen Sony Tablet P is getting the Ice Cream Sandwich treatment.

Sony unveils Xperia miro, Xperia tipo

Sony has just revealed the two latest additions to its Xperia product line.

Tablets in handheld gaming smackdown

Over 38 million handheld gaming devices from Sony and Nintendo are expected to ship in 2013 - a number that is significantly lower than the 47 million units sold in 2008.

Gamestop partners with Sony for PS3 DLC deal

Gamestop is working hard to ensure it doesn't get lost in the gaming industry's push to digital distribution.

Beyond: Two Souls trailer is intriguing

If you're a fan of the video game Heavy Rain, you should be familiar with a studio known as Quantic Dream.