Video: Sony teases Mercia - Fractured Realms

Sony has posted a trailer teasing its first free to play MMO RPG for the Playstation Home platform.

Next-gen Sony Xperia tablet is hella slick

Rumors began circulating last month that Sony was prepping a slick new Android-powered tablet with a September launch date in mind.

Crytek wants an Xbox 720 STAT

Crytek founder and CEO Cevat Yerli says the next generation of consoles from industry heavyweights such as Microsoft (Xbox 720) and Sony (PS4) is long overdue.

Sony backpeddles on Jelly Bean promises

Sony is taking back statements it made about the next Android update for its smartphone line.

Sony's 2011 Xperia phones might get Jelly Bean

Sony's line of Xperia phones from last year might be eligible for the latest version of Android.

Report: Sony prepping Xperia tablet for Sept launch

Sony is reportedly planning to build on its increasingly strong "Xperia" brand in its next foray into the tablet market.

John Romero less than optimistic about Ouya

Despite lingering concerns about its long-term viability, the Android-powered Ouya console has thus far raised $5,759,975 on KickStarter. 

Android game console named after Microsoft, looks like Sony

If the Sony PS Vita and a Google Nexus 7 tied up in a drunken love fest after a late night of gaming, the resulting love child would probably be the Droid X360.

Analyst: Super slim PS3 could change the game

The rumored "super slim" PS3 is exactly what Sony needs to increase its position in the console war against Microsoft.

Signs point to 2014 for PS4

While almost everyone believes the Xbox 720 will launch next year, the PS3 has at least another year in it.

Next-gen consoles to look beyond gaming

Next-gen consoles are expected to continue the current trend of emphasizing content well beyond gaming.

Gran Turismo Academy sends gamers to racetracks

Who says playing video games doesn't have any practical applications in the real world?

EA says Medal of Honor PS Vita listing was error

Electronic Arts has removed references to a Playstation Vita version of Medal of Honor: Warfighter on its online store.

Game Genie launches on PS3

he classic game-hacking cheat device has made a return.

New characters for Sony's 'Battle Royale' at Comic-Con

The teases keep heating up for Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale.

New slim PS3 pictures leaked

There is even more evidence that a PS3 redesign is on the way.

Anime streaming services coming to PS3

More good news from Comic-Con if you're a PS3-owning anime fan.

MLB 12 The Show predicts 2012 all-star game

The PS3 game MLB 12 The Show predicts that the National League All-Stars will win the 2012 All-Star Game.

Digital future seen for next-gen consoles

Will Sony's Playstation 4 and Microsoft's Xbox 720 consoles fail if they do not adopt a digital distribution model? 

Sony drops Onlive support on Google TV

Don't expect to see Onlive connectivity in any Sony-made Google TV device.