PS3 is hacked yet again

New custom firmware released for hacked consoles.

Sony Xperia phones get Jelly Bean schedule

Sony has provided a specific rollout schedule for when its Xperia phones will be getting the push to Android 4.1.

PS3 firmware 4.0 coming soon

A major update is headed to the PS3.

2011 Xperia phones will not get Jelly Bean

Bad news if you have a Sony Xperia phone that was released last year.

Playstation Store gets a facelift

Sony took down the Playstation Store yesterday to work on its massive graphical overhaul.

Bridgestone responds to Playstation lawsuit

Bridgestone has responded to Sony's claims that its commercials are ripping off of an old Playstation trope.

Analyst says new consoles needed STAT

The industry can no longer afford to wait for the next generation of consoles.

Sony sues over "Kevin Butler" actor

Sony has filed a lawsuit because another company has begun using the same actor in its commercials that it used to have in its Playstation ads.

Bethesda no longer blames Sony over DLC

Bethesda seems to be having an about-face over whose problem it is that the Dawnguard DLC hasn't been released for the PS3.

Sony halts Experia sales over manufacturing defect

Sony has suspended sales of its Android-based Experia Tablet S, after discovering a manufacturing flaw.

Playstation Mobile comes to Vita

Sony has launched its Playstation smartphone app for the Playstation Vita.

PS3 offers $20 Playstation Store promotion

If you spend $100 on digital Playstation goods this month, you'll get $20 back.

Sony loses enthusiasm for 3D

3D gaming hasn't exactly taken off like many console makers and game devs hoped it would.

Sony not threatened by Wii U

Sony admits that the Wii U will be a hot seller this holiday season, but it won't detract from PS3 sales.

A PS3 button map for Android

Some smartphones have the capability to play PS3 games, but the question is how can you manage those controls?

Sony announces Day 1 Digital for PSN

Sony has announced a new digital content platform for its online Playstation Network (PSN) which is slated to go live on October 2.

Sony affirms PS3 support until 2015

Sony is assuring gamers that it will make good on its promise to give the PS3 a life of at least 10 years.

What is the point of Sony's PS3 Super Slim?

Sony is rolling out its PS3 Super Slim - even as the Japanese-based corporation prepares to phase out the long-lived console in favor of the upcoming PS4.

Sony explains lack of 12 GB PS3 in US

Apparently consumers in the US are just too good for a low-capacity PS3.

New, slimmer PS3 officially revealed

Sony will try to steal some of Nintendo's thunder this holiday season with a new version of the PS3.