Glass shatters in New York's Sony Plaza, injuring 15

Ice left over from a massive winter storm on Friday fell down from the 32nd floor of the Sony building, crashing into a set of glass panels in the lobby. "It looked like a hailstorm," partygoer Shirley Rozman was quoted as saying in an AP story. A group of people were at the midtown atrium, which is open to the public, celebrating the Jewish holiday of Prium.

PlayStation Network fails, hitting users worldwide

PlayStation 3 users around the world have been left unable to connect to the PlayStation Network, with Sony still unable to identify the source of the problem.

God of War III sent to printers

The game code for God of War III has been finalized as fans across the world are rejoicing over one single statement: the game has gone gold. That means all that is left is for the game to be pressed onto millions of Blu-ray Discs, packaged, and sent to retailers.

Teenager admits he hacked

A Pennsylvania teen today confessed in court that he injected a virus into Sony's online gaming Web site. The 17-year-old boy, whose name was not released because he is a minor, will face sentencing for the misdemeanor.

Sony admits PSPgo was confusing, too expensive

In a recent interview, Sony Computer Entertainment America (SCEA) SVP of publisher relations admitted that the company's slim and digital-download-only PSPgo device did "confuse" consumers and "the higher price point didn't help matters".

Sony panics, criticizes Microsoft over Natal propaganda

An irate Sony spokesperson has harshly criticized Microsoft for broadcasting "happy, happy, joy, joy" news about Project Natal.

God of War III to take up 35GB of disc storage

According to a recent Twitter post from Sony's Santa Monica Studios, God of War III could well clock in as the highest-capacity PS3 game to date. It will be eating up most of the Blu-ray disc's capacity at a massive file size of 35GB.  

Sony patents universal games controller

Sony has filed a patent for a game controller that would work with any console.

Sony promises 3D Blu-ray player by summer

Sony has announced its first 3D-ready Blu-ray disk player, along with upgrades to existing machines allowing them to play 3D movies too.

New DVR to enable playback through PSP

The British CE publication is reporting that a company called Pinpoint Consumer Electronics will be manufacturing a pocket-sized MPEG-4 video recorder that will store recordings on memory sticks, enabling playback of recordings through Sony's PlayStation Portable.