Sony introduces Internet TV, the world's first Google TV

If you want to try out Google's brand new "TV operating system" before the end of the year, you're gonna have to buy a Sony Internet TV.

Is Android a recipe for mobile success?

It seems as if Google's Android represents a surefire recipe for success in the crowded mobile marketplace.

Delusional PS3 owners think their TV is now 3D

When it comes to 3D TV technology, people are still very ignorant as a new study shows 63% of console owners think their video game system will somehow magically give their TV the ability to output 3D content.

Lenovo touts Ebox video game console

Lenovo believes its Ebox video game system - manufactured by daughter company Eedoo - will provide a viable alternative to consoles manufactured by Microsoft (Xbox 360), Sony (PS3) and Nintendo (Wii).

Microsoft says Kinect sales will "blow away" the iPad

Microsoft believes that sales of its Kinect platform will easily "blow away" Apple's "magical" iPad - which shipped 1 million units during its first 28 days on sale and 3 million in three months.

PS2 backward compatibility may come back to PS3

Anyone who bought a PS3 over the last couple years is green with envy over the fact that they can't play PS2 games but their early adopter brothers can. That might actually change.

Sony blatantly rejects rumors of Playstation-branded phone

High-flying rumors that Sony was working on a "PSP phone" have been put to rest by Sony, sort of...

Video game industry weakens as recession worsens

The video game industry continues to be hit hard by the worsening recession, with US sales dropping more than a hefty 10% to $1.6 billion.

Sony explains "Marcus Rivers" ad campaign

You've probably all seen the latest PSP commercials with 12-year-old actor Bobb'e J. Thompson, known as the character Marcus Rivers. The goal is apparently to attract much, much younger gamers than the PSP's original late-20s demographic.

Sony will sell off LCD TV plant

There's a lot of news these days about large companies buying up smaller companies, but now, Sony wants to actually sell one of the biggest parts of its very large corporation.

Disney-Sony pact further chokes Blu-ray 3D market

Disney and Sony have just announced a pact to bring Alice in Wonderland and Bolt on Blu-ray 3D exclusively to Sony 3D TV customers, adding to a tangle of exclusivity deals that is ultimately afflicting consumers.

Sony blocks jailbreaks with firmware update

Sony's released what it calls a 'minor' update for the PS3 - minor, that is, for anyone who hasn't been tempted by either of the two jailbreaks that have been doing the rounds over the last couple of weeks.

Sony laptop with "3D" button coming 2011: report

After being somewhat late to the game with its first line of stereoscopic 3D TVs, Sony is gunning to be proactive in the 3D laptop market, planning a computer with full 3D capabilities for release next year.

Sony takes on Apple with iTunes competitor

Sony's believed to be making a bid to steal Apple's thunder later today with a plan to launch a rival service to iTunes.

Sony refreshes e-reader offering with touch-screen model

After it has loomed in the background for months and months without even trying to make a splash, Sony has finally brought something new to the table in the e-reader market.

Sony cracks down on PS3 jailbreakers

Sony and its pack of highly trained lawyers have won a temporary injunction banning the sale of a controversial Playstation 3 USB jailbreak hack.

Sony reportedly dabbling in glasses-free 3D TV

Just a few days after it was announced that Toshiba is working on a commercially available 3D TV without the need for glasses, Sony has come forth to say it too is working on the new tech.

Can Sony detect jailbroken PS3s?

Are you dreaming of jailbreaking that PS3 of yours with OzMod's long-awaited USB stick? 

Well, we hate to be the bearer of bad news, but it seems as if Sony may be capable of detecting PSjb systems on its Playstation network.

Sony refreshes Playstation 3 lineup

Sony will be introducing two new Playstation 3 models in Fall 2010. 

The 320GB PS3 system is slated to be included with the Sports Champions Move bundle, while the 160GB version will be sold as a standalone unit.

Is Sony designing an Android-powered PSP smartphone?

Sony is reportedly prepping an Android-powered PSP gaming smartphone that could launch as early as October 2010.