Xperia Play owners will have to re-buy PlayStation content

If you were excited about the Xperia Play's ability to run classic PS One downloadable games, there's a bit of a disappointment - you'll have to repurchase any games that you already bought.

NGP isn't too expensive, says Sony

Sony says the successor to the PSP, known as the Next Generation Portable, won't be too expensive. In fact, it says it deliberately avoided putting as much stuff into it as it wanted, in order to keep the cost down.

Sony Ericsson unveils Neo, details Play

Although its most recently announced phone is called Neo, it's not "the one" most people are paying attention to at this week's Mobile World Congress, as the unofficially-named "PlayStation phone" is on mass display for the first time.

PS2 lifetime sales pass 150 million

It's hard to believe that Sony is still manufacturing and selling new PS2 units, more than three years after its successor went on sale. But the cheap, impulse-buy console continues to celebrate sales and has just passed it latest milestone.

Sony to inspect PS3 jailbreaker's rig

A federal judge has ruled that talented Playstation 3 jailbreaker George Hotz must submit to Sony and allow the electronics giant to unceremoniously inspect his rig's hard drive and copy data "related to [PS3] hacking."

Sony planning to launch 3D TV channel on Sunday

Sony, one of the strongest supporters of the new 3D movement, is set to be backing one of the most ambitious new TV channels and is ready to go live with it in just a few days, according to a new rumor.

Epic fail: Sony retweets jailbroken PS3 code

In a social media snafu, Sony spokesman Kevin Butler accidently retweeted PlayStation 3’s jailbreak code last night, mistaking the tweet for a "Battleship" board game reference.

Panicked Sony launches jailbreak witch hunt

A red-faced and clearly panicked Sony has launched a full-on witch hunt by threatening to sue anyone posting or "distributing" Playstation 3 jailbreak patches.

Apple and Wal-Mart slug it out in online movie market

Apple iTunes is still way ahead of the pack in the online movie sales business - but its market share fell last year and it needs to watch out for Wal-Mart, says analyst iSuppli.

PlayStation phone becomes official during Super Bowl

Now we know why Sony has been so cagey about confirming the so-called "PlayStation phone" and didn't even say anything about it at CES last month. It was planning a big reveal via a Super Bowl commercial.

Can Sony's NGP compete against Apple's iPhone?

Sony’s tricked-out NGP undoubtedly represents the future of mobile console gaming. But can it successfully compete against Apple’s iPhone which offers a fully integrated smartphone-entertainment experience?

Yes, this is why Sony's NGP rules

Sony's slick NGP ain't your grandaddy's dusty Atari Lynx or your mom's antique monochrome Game Boy (sorry, Tetris).

Apple blocking Sony Reader app, WTF?

If you were hoping to be able to buy digital books through Sony's platform on the iPad, kiss that dream goodbye. Apple has rejected Sony's submission of a Reader app because it allows financial transactions to take place outside of Apple.

10 reasons to be excited about Sony's Next Generation Portable

The big video game news last week was the unveiling of Sony's PSP2 system, now known as the Next Generation Portable. This system will break new ground and lead to the future of portable gaming. Here's why you should be excited about it.

PS3 firmware update already pwned and owned

Sony is pushing a PS3 firmware update to consoles in a desperate attempt to halt homebrew play and so-called "piracy."

Sony strikes first blood in PS3 hacking case

After years of hard work in trying to prevent people from playing unauthorized games on its newest game console, Sony finally has a victory in its belt.

Sony snubs iPhone, PlayStation gaming coming to Android

Amid all the extreme excitement over the PSP2 - Sony's first new dedicated gaming device announcement in more than eight years - there was one detail that somewhat got overlooked and is worth a second look.

Sony promises PSP successor NGP by the end of the year

Sony's ready for its next push in the handheld gaming market. It's announced that its Next Generation Portable (NGP) - aka the PSP 2 - will be out by the end of the year, and says it plans to offer PlayStation games on a range of devices including Android phones.

Elusive PlayStation Phone gets previewed

The elusive Sony PlayStation Phone - henceforth known as the "Xperia Play" - has finally been captured and reviewed.

Delusional Nintendo believes video game piracy is dying

A video game trade group recently published a report saying four games are pirated for every one that's sold, and Sony has a veritable task force working to combat what it feels is the continued increase in video game privacy.