Sony lets you make Red Cross donations from your PS3

Sony Computer Entertainment is headquartered in Japan, and this month's natural disasters have halted production at some facilities, potentially for months.

Sony subpoenas PS3 hacker's Paypal, Twitter, Google records

Sony will be able to peer through virtually all recent Internet activity of famed PS3 hacker George Hotz.

Hacker scorns Sony over attempted hire

A red-faced Sony has reportedly attempted to hire a prominent hacker in an effort to secure its electronic devices from modders and jailbreakers.

CEA pushes to standardize 3D glasses

If you buy a 3D TV that uses active shutter glasses, right now you're pretty much limited to buying 3D glasses that are made by the same manufacturer as the manufacturer of your TV. The Consumer Electronics Association wants to change that.

PS3 ban lifted in Europe

The Hague Court in the Netherlands has reversed an earlier legal decision that made it impossible for PS3 consoles to be distributed in Europe.

Report: Sony "re-secures" PS3 with Firmware 3.60

A prominent Playstation 3 hacker is warning that Sony's latest firmware update (3.60) effectively "re-secures" the console.

Sony wants your PS3 games in the Cloud

Sony is planning to roll out a Cloud-based repository for saving Playstation 3 games.

Wimbledon goes 3D for the first time

Tennis fans, get ready to take your passion to the next dimension. This year's Wimbledon tournament will be filmed in 3D for the first time, and presented live in 3D theaters around the world.

Sony tracks GeoHot website visits

A federal judge has authorized Sony to obtain the Internet IP addresses of individuals who visited the website of famed PS3 hacker George Hotz from January 2009-March 2011. 

Sony details NGP game storage specs

Sony recently confirmed that games for its upcoming NGP handheld console will be stored on flash memory modules dubbed "NVG Cards."

Claim: Sony's NGP is "dead on arrival"

No one can deny that Sony's NGP ratchets up handheld console gaming to a whole 'nother level. But Ngmoco boss Neil Young believes the long-awaited device is DOA nonetheless.

Hacker defies Sony, says will keep on coding

Graf_Chokolo's residence may have been recently raided by the police, but the hacker refuses to be intimidated by Sony's rather draconian crackdown against PS3 jailbreakers and modders.

NGP fever: Sony slashes PSP to $130

It seems as if everyone has NGP fever these days, and Sony is certainly no exception. To pave the way for the long-awaited handheld console, the electronics giant is lowering the price of its stalwart, last-gen PSP to a sweet $130 (beginning Feb 27).

Sony reloads, steps up war against "piracy"

Forget about the Green Berets or Marines, because Sony is looking to recruit a crack team of counter-piracy experts. Yes, the corporate suits and ties will likely be tasked with executing legal campaigns (read blitzkrieg) against jailbreakers, modders and hackers.

Cops raid PS3 hacker's house in Sony-led crackdown

German security officials - acting on orders from Sony - have raided the residence of a notable and very talented Playstation 3 hacker known as graf_chokolo.

Rumor: Sony developing a "hack-proof" PS3

Well, this is certainly an amusing rumor. Apparently, the folks at Sony are attempting to build a "hack-proof" PS3. Although definitely an admirable initiative from a corporate perspective, we all know that any system is (eventually) crackable.

George Hotz: I'm ready for more Sony jailbreaking

Talented jailbreaker George Hotz says he is ready to crack more Sony devices, despite the fact that the Japanese-based company is currently suing him for coding and disseminating a popular Playstation 3 hack.

Report: Sony prepping Honeycomb clamshell and Windows 7 tablet slider

Sony is reportedly designing two rather alternative tablet form factors: a dual-screen Honeycomb clamshell and a Windows 7 slider. 

Sony releases Spider-Man photo from Amazing Spider-Man reboot

Sony has confirmed that the new Spider-Man film set to reboot the popular movie franchise will have a great title - "The Amazing Spider-Man." The entertainment company also released a photo of the spideysuit from the film that has comic book fans talking and gawking.

Report: Sony is working on a "Playstation tablet"

Everyone and their mother wants to break into the emerging multimedia tablet market. You can now apparently add Sony to that list. Apple pioneered the idea with its iPad, and now some of the biggest technological breakthroughs in the industry are coming to tablets.