Sony buys Sucker Punch game studio

Sucker Punch, a studio that was founded by former Microsoft employees, now belongs to Sony.

EA calls 3D gaming a flop

As far as EA is concerned, 3D video games have been nothing but a headache.

Sony insurer doesn't want to pay for PSN-gate

A company that promised insurance to Sony if it encountered various losses or damages says it wants immunity from responsibility for the PSN hack scandal.

Sony's insurer refuses to pay for data breach lawsuits

One of Sony's insurers has filed suit against the company, saying it's not liable for legal costs relating to the massive breach of Sony's servers earler this year.

Xperia Play drops to $100

After Sony Ericsson said its Xperia Play was in it for the long haul, Verizon has cut the price of the device to just $100.

Sony is "very pleased" with 3D on PS3 so far

Sony admits there is room for skepticism in the future of 3D, but has nothing but good things to say for how the PS3 has handled it to date.

Official music streaming to launch in China

Chinese search giant Baidu has put an end to six years' arguing over piracy and signed a deal with Sony, Warner and Universal through their One-Stop China operation.

Sony readies Reader refresh

Until now, Sony's e-reader product line has very much fallen by the wayside thanks to the Kindle, Nook, Kobo, and iPad.

Sony exec calls PSN-gate a "great experience"

Even though it cost Sony billions of dollars and put unsuspecting publishers in a financial tailspin, one company exec is calling the PSN hacking episode a "great experience."

Report: Sony cutting PS3 component output

Future models of the PS3 may contain only HDMI for high-definition video output.

The average gamer is now 37-years-old

The Entertainment Software Association has just released its annual report.

New videos of Sony's Playstation tablets pop up

There are new videos showing off what will be the world's first "Playstation certified" tablets.

Report: Sony ready to kick off PS4 production

Sony will reportedly begin production of its next-gen PlayStation 4 console by the end of 2011. 

Playstation Network finally coming back in Japan

After a rough two and a half months, Japanese gamers will soon finally be able to return to the PS3's online gaming service.

Microsoft maintains "wait and see" 3D strategy

Microsoft is understandably maintaining a "wait and see" attitude towards 3D gaming.

Sony faces lawsuit over PS3 hack

Sony may have restored access to the online Playstation Network, but this story is not quite over.

Sony chief Howard Stringer takes 16% pay cut

After three straight years of losses, Howard Stringer is finally feeling some pain in his own bank account.

Microsoft remains unimpressed with handheld consoles

Although both Nintendo and Sony continue to invest in the handheld gaming market alongside their Wii and PlayStation consoles, Microsoft appears reluctant, if not completely uninterested in joining the game.

Ghostbusters comics coming this fall

IDW Comics and Sony Pictures have announced they are working on a monthly line to be based on the popular ghost-fighting team.

Facebook reportedly hires PS3 hacker George Hotz

George Hotz, the man who gained international fame after being sued by Sony, may have a new gig.