A look back at '70s cinema

The '70s is a revered time in cinema history because so many great films came out of that fabled decade, and when looking back, the studio executives of the time often get as much acclaim as the filmmakers.

Sony plans PS3 bundles for Black Friday

There are some new leaked photos hitting the Internet that show what are reportedly new bundles that Sony plans to launch on Black Friday to spur PS3 holiday sales.

Sony recalls TVs due to fire risk

There's yet another round of Sony products that has to be recalled because they might randomly explode.

Sony locks out users after another hacking attack

Sony's suspended over 93,000 user accounts after another major attack on the company's systems.

Sony could buy out Ericsson stake, own mobile

Sony is reportedly thinking about the possibility of buying out Ericsson's stake in its joint mobile phone venture, but not everyone agrees it's a good idea.

Sony to re-release more PS2 games on PS3

Sony plans to offer several more PS2 titles available as downloadable games for the PS3.

PS Vita 3G downloads capped at 20 MB

Apparently you won't be able to do a whole lot with the 3G connectivity included in Sony's upcoming Playstation Vita handheld.

Myopic Sony says BYO 3D glasses

We all want to try and save whatever money we can during the recession, but this is ridiculous.

A new way to browse movies on PS3

In case you weren't aware, there are thousands of movies and TV shows available to rent or buy from the PS3, and now there's an easier way to search through them.

Sony says its anti-consumer TOS is like AT&T

Sony is justifying its new "no sure" clause in the Playstation Network terms of service by saying that AT&T did the same thing.

How to create a better world - the IBM way

I’m at IBM’s millennial event in New York - a conference which is focused on attempting to define what makes for great leadership.

DC Universe Online to scrap monthly fee

 One of the most popular online role-playing games will soon be free to play for the first time.

Sony tries to ban users from launching class action lawsuits

Sony has quietly updated its terms of service to prohibit users by default from launching class-action lawsuits.

Can Google resurrect its TV platform?

Google's recent acquisition of Motorola Mobility could potentially allow Mountain View to significantly expand its fading presence in the competitive set-top box market.

Apple isn't rushing to launch the iPad 3

Although Apple already has a number of third-gen iPads circulating in its supply chain, Cupertino is in little rush to launch the latest iteration of its wildly popular tablet.

US retailers list PS Vita date as Dec 31

 Amazon and Gamestop have both listed Sony's upcoming Playstation Vita handheld as having a launch date of December 31.

Did PC innovation die in 1984?

Prominent Silicon Valley analyst Jon Peddie believes PC innovation likely died in 1984, although the industry has yet to take any real notice.

Sony apologizes for PS3 NFL streaming flub

It wasn't a great game day for PS3 users who signed up for the console's unprecedented live streaming NFL subscription package.

Playstation Vita to launch in Japan December 17

Sony will manage to get its newest gaming handheld out by the end of the year, despite earlier concerns raised by this year's earthquake and tsunami.

Sony hires former US Homeland Security official

Sony of all companies could use a technological security overhaul, and it just hired someone who might be able to do that.