Playstation Vita memory card prices will be high

If you're a fan of overly priced proprietary media formats, then you'll love the new storage medium for the Playstation Vita.

Report: Vita will play all PS3 games

The "Remote Play" feature that gave PSP users limited connectivity with their PS3 will be greatly expanded on the Playstation Vita, according to a new report.

Will Aaron Sorkin write the Steve Jobs biopic?

It wasn't long after Steve Jobs passed away that there was speculation his life would be turned into a film.

Playstation-branded TV has inventory problems

Sony's ambitious, yet cheap, Playstation-branded 3D TV is either not able to meet demand or is just having difficulty on the production line.

Sony reportedly wants to be a virtual cable provider

No doubt in response to Microsoft's pending Xbox 360 update, Sony is now angling to get live TV content available to stream through the PS3.

Sony Ericsson promises bold Ice Cream Sandwich plans

Every phone in Sony Ericsson's 2011 "Xperia" line will be getting an update to Android 4.0, also known as Ice Cream Sandwich.

M Night Shyamalan is ready for One Thousand AE

In recent years, Shyamalan’s star has faded, thanks to a lot of terrible, half-assed movies that didn’t live up to their initial promise.

Sony offers UMD owners small consolation on PS Vita

If you have a huge library of physical UMD games for your PSP, Sony is prepared to offer you a deal...kind of.

Sony developing new TV platform

Step aside, Google TV. Sony is working on creating its own proprietary 'smart TV' platform.

Sony's mobile Playstation Suite grows wings

Sony has begun giving developers a beta version of its software development kit (SDK) for what will be its future mobile gaming presence.

Sony updates Music Unlimited

A huge update was just released for Sony's flagship music streaming service known as Music Unlimited.

Report: CDs are officially over

The public hasn't really been into music CDs for quite some time, but now it's reportedly official. 

Yes, major record labels will finally cease production of CDs next year.

Lifetime PS3 sales close in on Xbox 360

Sony mantra since launching the PS3 five years ago has been that the console war is a marathon, not a sprint, and the latest sales numbers show it may have known what it was talking about.

Sony eyes biometric controllers

Sony recently filed a patent application for a biometric controller and handheld device that boasts similar specs to the upcoming Playstation Vita.

63% of PS3 owners want a Vita

It appears Playstation fans are loyal fans indeed, as nearly two-thirds of existing PS3 users are planning on purchasing the new Vita handheld after it launches early next year.

Sony Ericsson is no more, Sony to buy out partner

Sony has firmed up a deal to buy out its partner Ericsson in its joint venture in the mobile hardware industry, making it easy to tie in other Sony products and services.

Analyst: PS4 to launch before Xbox 720

Console fans are eagerly awaiting the launch of Microsoft's next-gen system known as the Xbox 720 or "Next."

Report: Xbox 720 to launch in 2013

Microsoft, along with its industry partners, is reportedly eyeing a 2013 launch for its next-gen Xbox.

Playstation-branded 3D TV comes 11/13

Gamers who want an affordable way to experience the 3D content available on their PS3 and other devices will have the solution they've been looking for on November 13.

Playstation Vita due in US February 22

Sony's next-generation portable gaming console will be hitting the US and the rest of the world on February 22.