Netflix support confirmed for Playstation Vita

These days, it isn't an Internet-connected device if it doesn't offer Netflix streaming.

The Dragon Tattoo saga will continue

David Fincher's Girl With the Dragon Tattoo had been shaping up to be a big blockbuster this winter, with its huge, built in, best-selling book following.

Sony introduces glasses-free 3D TV at CES

Despite being one of the biggest players in glasses-required 3D TVs, Sony is stepping outside the box.

6.5 million Playstation devices sold during holidays

Sony is bragging about its strong holiday season, saying more than 6.5 million "Playstation" systems were sold during the end of 2011.

Sony's new TV based on six million LEDs

Sony's shown off a new type of LED television which uses six million tiny light-emitting diodes to create an image.

New rumor suggests PS4, Xbox 720 at E3

The latest scuttlebutt about the Playstation 4 and Xbox 720 is sparking excitement that this year's E3 could be the "biggest ever."

Google TV poised to make a CES splash

After being yanked from last year's show at the last minute, Google TV may be one of the big stories to come out of CES in 2012.

More firms pull support for SOPA

The highly-controversial Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) has lost the support of Sony Electronics, Nintendo and Electronic Arts.

Sony Tablet S prices cut by $100

To side with Sony in this increasingly aggressive tablet market just got a little less expensive.

Anonymous targets Sony over SOPA

Cyber activists purportedly associated with the Anonymous collective have targeted Sony for supporting the controversial "anti-piracy" act known as SOPA.

Ice Cream Sandwich coming to Sony tablets

Sony is the latest company confirming its plans to upgrade to the newest version of Android.

Playstation Vita not even close to 3DS sales

Even though it's the new kid on the block in Japan, the Playstation Vita is still being outsold by a margin of six to one.

Intel's Thunderbolt to hit PCs in mid-2012

Intel's Thunderbolt transfer protocol will reportedly hit PCs in mid-2012, as Santa Clara plans to "fully release" the high-speed I/O in April.

Playstation Vita gets another firmware update

It hasn't even been out for a month yet and Sony's new Playstation Vita is already getting a second firmware update.

Sony issues Playstation Vita apology

After a firestorm of complaints surrounding the launch of Sony's new Playstation Vita handheld, the company has responded, and is once again forced to eat humble pie.

Japan Playstation Vita launch experiences bugs

Gamers in Japan who absolutely, positively had to get a Playstation Vita on launch day are finding themselves in a frustrating situation.

Hollywood caught in BitTorrent scandal

Scandals are obviously nothing new for Hollywood, but this one screams hypocrisy louder than a coke-snorting Republican at a family values conference.

New Vita details expose limitations

The Playstation Vita will be quite a powerful handheld gaming system, by all accounts, but there are some things it won't be able to do.

New firmware primes PS3 for Vita

You may be asked to download a new firmware update the next time you try to take your PS3 online.

Awards show teases "PS3 exclusive you won't believe"

If you're one to believe lofty superlative marketing language, then you should expect the PS3 to make quite a splash at this year's Video Game Awards.