We take the Xperia Play for a spin

I finally got my hands on Sony Ericsson's upcoming "PlayStation Phone," the Xperia Play, and after a solid play session I am hooked.

Sony Ericsson exec not adverse to rooting

Simon Walker, developer program head at Sony Ericsson, has gone on record as stating that he isn't adverse to rooting - if the popular practice is executed correctly.

NTT DoCoMo beats out Samsung with thinnest Android phone

The NEC Medias N-04C may not have one of those snazzy smartphone names like the "Galaxy S II" or the "Xperia Arc," but it beats out both of those super-slim phones with a measurement of just 8 millimeters thick.

Xperia Play not exclusive to Verizon

If you were dying to get your hands on a new Xperia Play phone from Sony Ericsson, the device many are simply calling the "Playstation phone," but don't have or want Verizon's expensive service? Good news - it will be coming to other carriers.

Xperia Play owners will have to re-buy PlayStation content

If you were excited about the Xperia Play's ability to run classic PS One downloadable games, there's a bit of a disappointment - you'll have to repurchase any games that you already bought.

PlayStation phone becomes official during Super Bowl

Now we know why Sony has been so cagey about confirming the so-called "PlayStation phone" and didn't even say anything about it at CES last month. It was planning a big reveal via a Super Bowl commercial.

Sony snubs iPhone, PlayStation gaming coming to Android

Amid all the extreme excitement over the PSP2 - Sony's first new dedicated gaming device announcement in more than eight years - there was one detail that somewhat got overlooked and is worth a second look.

Sony Ericsson is first to implement Facebook single sign-on

A Sony Ericsson phone may well end up being coined the "Facebook phone," as the manufacturer has become the first to announce all of its future Android phones will have integrated Facebook support built-in.

Sony Ericsson may be planning a Windows Phone 7 phone

Sony Ericsson wants to be the #1 global maker of Android phones, but now it looks like it will have its eyes elsewhere as a report suggests the company will start producing Windows Phone 7 devices as well.

Sony Ericsson has high hopes for 2011

For many in the US, Sony Ericsson is kind of like Sony's half brother. Sometimes you think of it, sometimes you don't, and you hardly ever invite it over to Thanksgiving. But that's going to change this year, as the mobile company is all grown up and eager to impress.

Leaked PlayStation phone photos really whet the appetite

So, we didn't hear a single darn official word about the so-called "PlayStation phone" at CES, but it just so happens that during the week of the biggest trade show in the world, someone happened to post a whole bunch of photos of the device, and even a video.

Will we see the PlayStation phone at CES? Signs points to no

CES. It's the world's launching pad for everything cool and noteworthy in the technology industry. But Sony seems to already have enough on its plate as it is, so it will not be showing off a PlayStation-centric mobile phone as many had hoped.

Super clear video of alleged PlayStation phone let loose

As rumors of an upcoming "PlayStation phone" hit a fever pitch, there's now a new video posted online that shows a clear, succinct look at the device in action.

PlayStation phone speculation continues to grow

Rumors of a PlayStation-branded smartphone from Sony Ericsson have appeared to reach a fever pitch, as the company's mobile division head has come forward with a cryptic message to all but confirm the existence of the project.

Apple now ranks #4 in global phone sales

Go out to the stores and tell me how many Apple phones you find compared to Samsung, Nokia, or LG. That's right - 1. Despite having the leanest mobile phone repertoire in the business, Apple now ranks fourth in global sales.

Playstation Phone rumors re-surface. This time with pictures

Just in time for the holidays, the idea of a Playstation-branded mobile phone has come back to light with a new prototype image that has apparently surfaced.

Sony Ericsson alters mobile strategy

Sony Ericsson is altering its mobile strategy to focus on lucrative, high-end smartphones.

Sony Ericsson becomes profitable again, thanks to Android

A funny thing happens when a historically disorganized company finally gets its hands on a good product...

Sony Ericsson intros a 1.3-inch mobile phone "remote control"

For customers who think it's too much of a hassle to actually pull their phone out of their pocket, Sony Ericsson is bringing out a device that connects to a phone and provides a quick snapshot at important information.

Sony Ericsson axes Symbian from smartphone lineup

Sony Ericsson has unceremoniously axed Symbian's rapidly declining OS from its future smartphone lineup.