Sega is giving great deals on Sonic for mobile

From today until January 1, Sega is getting in the festive spirit by offering a range of price cuts on selected Sonic the Hedgehog mobile titles. Sonic Jump is going free for the promotion, while there are savings of up to 80% across other titles.

Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed rolls out later this year

If you're a gamer that has been around for any respectable length of time, you'll certainly recognize Sonic the Hedgehog.

Sonic 4 Episode 2 brings cooperative play

Fans are finally starting to get a look at the new entry in the "old-school" Sonic the Hedgehog franchise.

Sonic the Hedeghog classic may look forward to 3D return

Old-school gamers will unite if a new rumor about everyone's favorite blue hedgehog is true