MIT solar design does double duty

MIT researchers say a hybrid solar-thermoelectric system they're working on could provide a big advantage over conventional solar cells or solar thermal systems, particularly for household use.

Is solar an economic bright spot?

The United States domestic solar industry continues to be a bright spot in an otherwise down economy, according to a recent report by Solar Energy Industries Association and GTM Research.

Renewable energy production passes nuclear

Renewable energy production in the United States has surpassed the production of nuclear power for the first time, a government study reports.

Cook Islands aim for all-green power by 2020

For small islands, the incentive to end dependence on imported fossil fuels and embrace renewables is powerful.

Cleantech clinches $1.4B from family syndicate

Uncle Sam’s not writing the check, but a coming infusion of cash into the cleantech sector via the private sector is nothing to sneeze at.

Edible green curtains cool Kyocera buildings

Kyocera has been doing some interesting things of late, mainly around solar. 

Large solar project planned by McGraw-Hill

Publisher McGraw-Hill, along with NJR Clean Energy Ventures (NJRCEV), announced plans recently to build what is said will be the largest privately-owned and net-metered solar project in the Western Hemisphere. 

European solar worth $10 billion to Chinese

China, China, China - yup, we know, we write a lot about that country's green technology advances. 

It isn't a perfect world over there, with trade issues around wind power and all being just one hiccup of many.

10 million U.S. roofs with solar by 2020?

While the GOP controlled House was busy slashing clean energy program budgets last week, a Senate subcommittee was occupied with drafting a bill that, among other efforts, aims to make solar power system installations faster and cheaper for the nation.

New Hampshire brewery goes solar

Citizens of the Granite State are no strangers to sustainable living, nor to fine micro-brewed beer.

Team proposes floating solar panels

One of the biggest problems with large-scale solar power is the vast amount of land area required. Deserts such as the Sahara have been suggested, but a team from Israel's Solaris Synergy and France's EDF Group have another idea - put them on the water.

Spray-on solar glass promises renewable energy for the masses

We've seen New Energy Technologies announce a series of advances in its attempt to turn windows into solar panels, and now the company says it has a working, 1-square-foot see-through glass prototype capable of generating electricity. 

Geothermal energy or solar power?

You think the Nevada desert, you think solar power. But that's not the case at Pahrump Valley High School, about 50 miles west of Las Vegas. 

The school, scheduled to open in 2012, is being built with a geothermal heat pump (GHP).

Hitachi wants to solarize air conditioning

When the grid teeters during summertime heat spikes, it's air conditioners that are doing a lot of the damage. 

Now Hitachi is aiming to offer a distributed way to lessen the load, developing what it calls a Solar Activated Air Conditioning System.

New solar tech sees 15% more efficiency

Smart homes and smart buildings rely on a host of wireless sensors, each of which require a small but consistent power supply.

Hornet's stripes act as PV cell

A Tel Aviv University team has shown that a type of hornet has a body that acts as a photo-voltaic cell, converting the sun's energy into electricity.

Next-gen eco home feeds the grid

Researchers at the University of Stuttgart in Berlin have designed a next-gen, "grid-positive" residence that is completely encased in glass.

Army deploys solar-powered shelters in Afghanistan

The US Army has been greening operations on a number of fronts, and the latest is a solar-powered shelter that pops up directly over a tent.

Greenerator brings eco energy to condos

Getting your entire apartment or condo onboard with wind or solar generation is often next-to-impossible. 

Thin film solar approaches DOE’s goals

Thin film solar continues to rapidly increase its efficiency level in converting sunlight to power.