Geothermal + Solar = Oregon Tech

Oregon Tech thinks it’s back on track with its ambitious goal of becoming the first university in North America to generate all of the electrical power it requires – from renewable sources, no less.

Obama admin wants more solar and geothermal

Ken Salazar was about “smart from the start.” Sally Jewell, his successor as head of the U.S. Department of the Interior, appears to be claiming “landscape-level approach” as her favorite phrase when it comes to large-scale renewable energy development in the West.Oba

Solar is getting cheaper by the minute

Cheaper by the minute: That seems to be the story with solar photovoltaics in the United States these days.

Testing batteries made of wood

Get ready to throw all of your assumptions about how to make a battery right out the window. Scientists at the University of Maryland are working on a powerful new battery that could help reduce hazardous waste usually associated with power storage. The main ingredient? Wood.

Yes, renewables are slowly gaining ground in the US

Americans used less energy in 2012 than they did in 2011, and the energy they did use was more likely to come from cleaner sources than it used to, as natural gas, solar and wind made gains and coal declined.

DALE is a solar-powered shape-shifting micro house

Recently, I’ve become obsessed with tiny houses. I love how affordable, efficient, and portable they can be, not to mention how they force us to eliminate all but the most essential personal possessions.

The heart of space weather observed in action

Two NASA spacecraft have provided the most comprehensive movie ever of a mysterious process at the heart of all explosions on the sun: magnetic reconnection. Magnetic reconnection happens when magnetic field lines come together, break apart and then exchange partners, snapping into new positions and releasing a jolt of magnetic energy.

Designing a solar AIR house

Could you live in a single room house? I’m guessing more than one of us has spent time in a tiny apartment, but we sure didn’t like it. The idea of building a one-room house seems archaic and claustrophobic, but maybe that’s because we’re looking at the idea of rooms all wrong.

All-electric Elektro E6 aircraft seats 6

Besides EADS, another company working in the development space for more sustainable aircraft is PC-Aero. Best known for the Elektra One all-electric aircraft, they have now set their sights on an even more ambitious undertaking: a two-engine, six seat all electric aircraft with solar panels called the Elektro E6.

Building an artificial forest for solar water-splitting

In the wake of the sobering news that atmospheric carbon dioxide is now at its highest level in at least three million years, an important advance in the race to develop carbon-neutral renewable energy sources has been achieved.

Solar-powered Impulse takes flight once again over the San Francisco skies

Solar Impulse embarked this morning on its latest journey, departing the San Francisco Bay Area at dawn, heading toward Phoenix on the first leg of a trip that if all goes well will land the sun-powered airplane in New York City around the Fourth of July.

Lithium-polysulfide battery helps solar and wind power the grid

Researchers from the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory and Stanford University have managed to design a low-cost, long-life battery that could enable solar and wind energy to become major suppliers to the electrical grid.

Bolstering natural gas efficiency with solar power

Clean energy purists might not like the idea of making any concession to fossil fuel use, but if you believe incremental progress is good, a technology that uses solar power to boost the efficiency of natural gas power plants at least qualifies as intriguing.

The advent of mobile solar power

In the aftermath of Sandy, mobile solar power – both on a fairly big scale and the cell-phone charging level – came to the rescue of some powerless residents.

Obama approves giant solar, wind projects in desert

Big solar was the biggest driver in the record-breaking U.S. solar gains made last year, with utility-scale plants accounting for more than half – 1,752 megawatts – of the 3,313 MW of newly installed capacity.

Report: Solar beats biofuels for EVs

It’s always nice when a real live scientist who actually knows what he’s talking about steps in and confirms your half-baked suspicions.

Marines turn to solar in Afghanistan

A year ago, the U.S. Marines said they were going into full production with some easy-to-set-up solar power systems, and would be putting them to use in the field. They weren’t lying.

This solar concept house is a transformer

We’ve seen some buildings that respond to their environment with, say, thermochromic glass that tints in response to the heat of the sun.

Ice-like solar roof tiles keep homes toasty warm

There are few homeowners who would complain about a smaller utility bill. 

How spinach helps produce electricity

Don't eat your spinach. Put it on your solar panel instead.