Introducing.... Solar-powered airplane windows!?

No, the idea isn’t to power commercial air travel with photovoltaic solar – that’s being left that to super-lightweight, experimental efforts like Solar Impulse.

This wireless audio Rukus is solar powered

It wasn’t that long ago we reviewed the Etón Rukus Solar, a portable Bluetooth sound system powered by the sun. The company is now back in our headlines with word of a new, even more high end solar boombox dubbed the Rukus XL, pricing for around $200.

This super-yacht is solar powered

Ever fantasize about sailing off into the sunset, nothing but the open ocean and horizon ahead of you?

Tokelau Island is world’s first solar-powered nation

Living in America, it may feel like it’s nearly impossible to wean ourselves off fossil fuels, but even our car-obsessed society doesn’t have it as bad as island-dwellers.

Solar-powered moonrise - a streetlight concept

Traditional streetlights spend all day doing nothing. Not until the sun begins to set, does a preset timer cause their inefficient bulbs to flicker on, illuminating the ground below until morning.

Logitech touts wireless solar keyboard for Apple gear

Logitech has certainly jumped onto the solar-powered keyboard bandwagon with both feet.

Solar-powered robot sailboat aims for world record

If you’ve never been on a sailboat, it might seem like the ultimate form of leisurely transportation: nothing but the waves, sunshine, and ocean breezes to speed you along your journey.

Solar-powered chip, battery not required

Solar-powered microelectronics? Not unusual. 

But a solar-powered microchip with no battery - that is to say, a chip with the solar cell integrated into it and running directly off available light - now that's a breakthrough. 

Tablet prototype needs no external power supply

Indian school-children are testing a solar-powered tablet PC being developed by Rice University and Singapore's Nanyang Technological University (NTU).

Logitech touts solar-powered wireless keyboard

Logitech has debuted an $80 solar-powered wireless keyboard that measures only 1/3-inch thick.

Plane completes two weeks' continuous flight

An unmanned, solar-powered plane has landed in Arizona after spending two weeks in the air.

Solar powered plane soars over Swiss skies

The solar powered Impulse HB-SIA has successfully completed its maiden voyage over a picturesque Swiss airfield.