GM touts Tracking Solar Tree

General Motors (GM) has introduced a way to turn parking spots into solar charging stations for electric vehicles: a Tracking Solar Tree that moves with the sun to better collect the energizing rays it gives off.

Facebook likes solar power cogeneration

Facebook is teaming up with Cogenra Solar to put a solar cogeneration system in at its headquarters in Menlo Park, Calif.

Himalayas and Antarctic could be best places for solar power

It's natural, perhaps, to associate solar power with the hot places of the world.

The oceans of Pandora

The oceans of Pandora and their threatened conditions will be a major focus of James Cameron's upcoming Avatar sequel.

Report: solar power booming in America

New research from the Interstate Renewable Energy Council confirms that strong consumer demand combined with rebates are driving installation of photovoltaics, solar heating and concentrating solar technologies.

Solar power feeds into Israeli power grid

The desert might seem like the most obvious place to take advantage of solar power, but most view the space as barren wasteland.

Tiny solar power bikini a one off wonder

Despite its general lack of, um, surface area, a new "photovoltaic bikini" designed by Andrew Schneider apparently provides enough power to run your MP3 player.

Solar power without solar cells: It could be possible

A new discovery by scientists could lead to solar power without the usual semiconductor-based solar cells.

Scientists build golden windows for organic solar cells

Gold, kings have slaughtered for it and some people have teeth made out of it. But now it has a new use.

Britain working on solar-powered soldiers

Britain's working on a new personal power pack for troops that should be half the weight of conventional models.

Solar powers new Umeox Apollo cell phone

Chinese company Umeox Mobile recently announced one of the first smartphones to be put into production that can be changed using solar power.

World's biggest solar power project approved

The US Department of the Interior has approved the world's largest solar energy project.

Tinted windows generate power

Norwegian firm Ensol and the University of Leicester have developed a spray-on coating for windows that acts as a solar cell.