Google joins solar plane team

The Solar Impulse HB-SIA that hop-scotched across America earlier this year, finishing its epic, sun-fueled cross-continent journey in early July, has since been broken down, packed into a jumbo jet and returned to Europe. An ocean was too big a hurdle for this plane – but come 2015, things could be different for the Swiss team of adventurers.

Solar-powered Impulse flies to Texas

The Solar Impulse took off from Phoenix at 4:47 local time yesterday morning and headed to Dallas.

Video: Solar Impulse to take on the States

The record-setting Solar Impulse airplane has landed in America. It didn’t fly here – well, it did, but it did so disassembled and packed into the cargo load of a Boeing 747 for the trip from its home base in Switzerland to Moffett Federal Airfield in Silicon Valley.

Piccard’s solar plane sets new flight record

Solar power might not ever become a meaningful part of air travel, but who really cares?

Solar plane makes it safely through the night

Solar Impulse has successfully completed its first night flight, the first solar-powered plane to do so.

Successful takeoff for first solar powered night flight

The solar powered plane Solar Impulse has begun its first 24-hour test flight, aiming to make it through the night on power collected during the day.