This solar car is shaped like a teardrop

The unveiling of college student designed and built solar cars for the upcomingWorld Solar Challenge continues with the debut from the University of Cambridge of Resolution.

Eindhoven University of Technology designs a family solar car

Unveiling of vehicles for the upcoming World Solar Challenge - an 1,800-mile, week-long endurance contest across the continent of Australia that takes place every other fall and makes use of college built solar powered cars – looks to be kicking into full swing now.

Solar car hits 661 miles on clean energy

The world of college solar powered cars is getting busy these days. The University of Michigan, a top flight competitor in this space, just recently introduced its latest racer for the upcoming World Solar Challenge.

University of Michigan builds a next-gen solar car

The University of Michigan is known for being among the best of the annual North American Solar Challenge, netting the top spot in the solar-powered electric car race seven times.