Amazon opens Kindle up to apps developers

Amazon is looking for third-party apps for its Kindle e-reader, in a move which might, just might, have something to do with next week's Apple tablet launch.

Android for your PC finally available

A clever bunch of boffins have managed to port Android to an x86 platform, allowing people to run Google’s OS on Asus’ Eee PC netbooks as well as several other already tried and tested 32-bit (x86) platforms.

Microsoft heart China not Google

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer says the company is staying in China regardless of what Google does.

Mozilla takes on Internet Explorer with Firefox 3.6

Mozilla's recently introduced Firefox 3.6 release candidate (RC) has scored 94 out of 100 on the popular Acid 3 test.

Internet dashboards encourage dangerous driving, say campaigners

Google and Intel are working on internet dashboards for drivers - and are already getting flak from road safety organisations.

Something at Google is broken

There seems to be something awry at Google. All you need to do is navigate over here and you'll see what.

Networks collapse@CES 2010

You would think that any Consumer Electronics show would have decent Wifi, and perhaps a proper press lounge or two, but the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this year has neither.

Microsoft's Ballmer keeps audience in the dark

Microsoft was struggling with power problems Wednesday night as Steve Ballmer's keynote was delayed by intermittent moments of darkness.

Nvidia has an AXE to grind

That nice chap and top graphics analyst Jon Peddie no doubt finds himself right now embroiled in the awful Consumer Electronics Show in glitzy Las Vegas.

Skype to support high definition video calls

VOIP firm Skype said that it will enable video calls for 720p high definition displays, so you can see your friends' acne in high resolution detail.  

IE8 takes top spot in browser ratings

Google's Chrome has pushed Apple's Safari into fourth place in the overall browser rankings for December.

Firefox 4 slips to 2011

Fleet Foxes - not

Twitter buys Mixer Labs to enhance geolocation services

They know where you are

HP investigates "racist" facial-tracking algorithm

Admits camera may have "difficulty" seeing contrast

Wordpress readies major upgrade

Blog and bog stuff

Augmented Reality is the shape of things to come

No I’m not a terrible nerd

Linux penetrates high schools, healthcare

The figures speak for themselves

IDC reckons Windows 7 will be the last

We'll have some of what they're smoking

Plurk! Microsoft pulls site after plagiarism claim

Plurk! Juku! Twitter

Goog.le gives short thrift to

Does Goooooooooogle want everything on earth?