Claim: Adobe "sabotaging" HTML 5

A Google employee has claimed that Adobe is currently blocking the latest publication of HTML5.

Google upgrades Chrome browser for Mac OS X

Google has finally released an updated beta version of its Chrome browser for OS X that offers support for over 2,000 extensions and bookmark sync capabilities.

Microsoft touts Office 2011 for Mac OS X

Microsoft has confirmed that it will be releasing an updated version of its Office suite for the Mac sometime during 2010.

Google developing real-time translator phone

Google has confirmed that it is working on a technology to allow real-time language translation on the phone.

Google launches Street View for fish

Google has launched Ocean Showcase, a set of interactive underwater tours for Google Earth users.

Symbian completes move to open source

The Symbian Foundation has finally gone all the way and made the world's most popular cellphone operating system open source.

Adobe: Screw Apple, Flash is the future

Adobe CTO Kevin Lynch has officially blamed Apple for the lack of Flash support on certain "magical" devices, including the overhyped iPad and wildly popular iPhone.

Phisher accesses Twitter accounts

Twitter has discovered that a number of torrent sites have been used to steal user names and passwords.

Google tablet mockups revealed

Google may be developing a tablet PC interface, if a web post by a company engineer is to be believed, lending weight to rumours that it may launch its own tablet device.

Google to open enterprise app store in March

Google is planning to open an app store selling business software, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Cyber criminals target Facebook and LinkedIn

An online security firm known as Sophos has warned that nefarious cyber criminals are stepping up their attacks against members of various social networking sites.

Google News gets its knickers in a twist

Google News is outsourcing to the Ministry of Silly Walks.

Google phases out IE 6 support

Google has started phasing out support for Internet Explorer 6.

Wikipedia squeezed onto a single CD

A South American group has managed to shrink virtually the full content of Wikipedia onto a CD which can be read with on-the-fly compression.

Hackers threaten critical infrastructure

A shocking report published by security company McAfee reveals that more than half of critical infrastructure enterprises worldwide have fallen victim to large scale or stealth cyber attacks.

Adobe asks to join the iPad party

Nobody likes to feel left out, and Adobe is a bit miffed that the new Apple iPad doesn't include Flash.

Google lets Social Search out of the lab

Google's Social Search feature is out of the labs and on, with the promise of more features to come.

Android apps more expensive in Europe

Continental Europe, as every backpacker knows, aint cheap, and that includes its Android apps according to analytics outfit, Distimo, which found publishers in Austria, France, Germany, Italy, Holland and Spain flogging their mobile wares for significantly more than their cheaper US, UK and Japanese counterparts.

Google polishes Chrome with 1,500 extensions

Google has updated its popular Chrome browser with support for at least 1,500 extensions and a long-awaited bookmark sync feature.

Mozilla gets personal with Firefox 3.6

Mozilla has launched a new version of its popular Firefox browser, which offers customizable browser themes (Personas), improved JavaScript performance and a Plugin updater.