IBM’s head is in the clouds

It is all-too-easily forgotten that before Windows Vista arrived to draw the flak for being the world’s most denigrated piece of Software, Lotus - and latterly, IBM’s - Notes was the undisputed holder of the World’s Most Hated Software crown.

Adobe brings Flash to future phones

Qualcomm and Adobe said they have worked together as part of the Open Screen Project to optimize and increase performance for Adobe Flash Player 10.1 to support Snapdragon chipsets.

Win7 XP mode released to manufacturing

Microsoft has released Windows XP Mode to manufacturing and will make it available as a public download when Windows 7 launches on October 22. MS says the minimum system requirement for running XP Mode is 2GB of RAM and 15 gig of disk space and a CPU capable of handling virtualization.

Best Camera is actually just okay

Review: The Best Camera app available at Apple's iTunes AppStore uses the iPhone's camera and can be used to add rudimentary special effects to a photograph. It works well enough for its limited ambitions, but it has serious drawbacks.

Nvidia unshackles Visual Studio with Nexus GPU integration

Nvidia has introduced an advanced development environment for massively parallel computing. Nexus - which is integrated into Microsoft Visual Studio - includes tools that simultaneously analyze the efficiency, performance and speed of both the GPU and CPU.

Mental Image debuts iRay rendering technology

Mental Image has debuted its iRay rendering technology. According to industry veteran Michael Kaplan, the iRay platform allows life-like graphics to become "interactive" by exploiting the parallel processing power of Nvidia's GPU.

Google rides crest of a social network Wave

{mosimage}Mighty search engine colossus Google has introduced the beta version of a program which unites instant messaging, email and wiki-writing.

Microsoft finally gets anti-malware right

Review: Farewell, old friend. After years of relying on the excellent AVG Free antivirus package, I’ve finally replaced it - with Microsoft’s new Security Essentials.

Mirics develops CUDA-based television platform

Mirics has developed a global broadcast television platform for Nvidia GPUs. The FlexiTV software-based receiver - which utilizes Nvidia CUDA architecture - is capable of running on even entry-level PCs.

Ballmer: Windows 7 is a better Windows than any Windows

The CEO of Microsoft came out with an astonishing statement today - he said that Windows 7 is a better Windows than any other Windows.

Google looking for more acquisitions

Top Googler Chief Executive Eric Schmidt said that things had started to get better at the search outfit. Schmidt said that acquisitions are "turned on again" and expects to do one small deal a month.

Microsoft confirms no Windows 7 restrictions for netbooks

Fears that netbook manufacturers would be forced to install a cut-down version of Windows 7 on their machines have been allayed by Microsoft.

Google invites comments on web pages

Google has released a new tool which allows notes and comments to be posted on web pages for others to read.

Word is, Windows 7 for Netbooks won't be crippled

IDF Fall 2009 Sources tell us here in San Francisco that there will be a version of Windows 7 for netbooks that won't have most of the functionality leeched out of it.

COBOL is fifty years old today

The computer language that caused people to rack their brains and reach for their tranquilizers is 50 years old today.

Microsoft Windows 7 to cost $30 for students

If you're a student in the United States, you'll only have to pay $30 for Windows 7, Microsoft has said.

Apple Snow Leopard sales hit record numbers

The NPD Group reports that sales of Apple Snow Leopard have hit record numbers. According to analyst Steven Baker, the first two weeks of Snow Leopard sales were at least two times higher than Leopard's initial release numbers and almost four times higher than Tiger.

Google bolsters OCR capabilities with reCAPTCHA acquisition

Google has bolstered its optical character recognition (OCR) capabilities with the acquistion of reCAPTCHA. The company - which was originally spun-off from a Carnegie Mellon University research project - protects over 100,000 websites from spam and fraud by providing CAPTCHAs gleaned from printed texts.

Google launches Chrome 3, with Mac and Linux versions soon

Google has launched a new version of its Chrome browser and is promising Linux and Mac versions for mainstream users by the end of the year.

BeOS comes back to life as Haiku

The late and lamented BeOS appears to be rising like a phoenix from the ashes in the shape of an operating system called Haiku.