Oracle, Linux, Sun to blame for Sidekick Danger data loss

Well, blow me down. After days of sanctimonious posturing by the world, his dog and his blogger, it turns out that the problems at Microsoft subsidiary Danger, which threatened the data integrity of Sidekick users, was all down to Oracle, Sun and Linux. No Microsoft products were involved.

Analysts spout crap, charge megabucks

Opinion: Analysts are just journalists in sharp suits who only have to write two stories a year for their $250K salaries. And just because you have to pay through the nose to read their words of wisdom doesn’t magically make them any more right than the lowliest trainee hack on Graphics Card Weekly.

Mozilla preps Firefox 3.6 with beta test build

Mozilla has released an Alpha version of Firefox 3.6 for developers and testers. The build - known as Namoroka - is built on a pre-release version of the Gecko 1.9.2 platform.

Moving to Windows 7 will be "inevitable" - report

Windows 7 is not a major architectural shift but "builds on the plumbing changes Microsoft made in Windows Vista," according to a report from a market analyst.

Microsoft to fight Apple with own retail stores

Software giant Microsoft will open a store in Scottsdale, Arizona to coincide with the launch of Windows 7, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Windows 7 to trigger notebook replacement sales

The launch of Windows 7 at the end of October is set to give a boost to the notebook market, according to a report from DRAM Exchange.

Apple moves to prevent iPhone jailbreaking with updated Bootrom file

Apple has released an updated Bootrom file in an effort to prevent iPhone jailbreaking. The file - known as iBoot-359.3.2 - effectively disables a popular software exploit known as "24kPwn."

Microsoft risks wrecking Family Guy’s reputation

In case you’ve been on the Moon for the last few months, watching out for crashing spacecraft, you’ll know that Windows 7 is about to bound onto store shelves around the world. Sadly, Microsoft is putting the excellent Family Guy show’s reputation on the line by roping them in to promote the OS.

Windows 7 Starter Edition: The best version of Windows yet

Over the years one of the words that have consistently been connected to Windows is the word “Bloat”.   Year over year, ever since Windows 95, we complain that Windows has become too bloated, calling it bloatware and suggesting Microsoft needs to start over to create something leaner. 

Windows 7 won't be successful until 2011

News Analysis Microsoft's future begins next week. That's when the company ships Windows 7, its latest operating system. If Microsoft stumbles with Windows 7 as it did with Vista, people will start asking whether Microsoft has much of a future at all.

Going offline stresses people out

Being cut off from the internet or losing mobile phone coverage can cause high levels of anxiety, according to a survey carried out for Virgin Media.

Apple Snow Leopard devours user account data

Apple Snow Leopard users have identified a nefarious bug that is apparently responsible for devouring user account data. The fatal wipe is reportedly triggered by switching from a guest account to an associated login.

Windows, users, guns and stupidity

Opinion: Our earlier story on how fast or slow Windows 7 boots and shuts down has attracted some critical acclaim and some critical unacclaim from people who obviously didn’t bother to read the story before posting a comment on it.

HP takes on Apple with music notebook

HP has teamed up with headphone manufacturer Beats Electronics - founded by rapper and producer Dr. Dre and Interscope Geffen A&M Records chairman Jimmy Iovine - to develop a high-end notebook optimised for music.

Windows 7 boots fast enough for normal people

Opinion: Shock news reaches us from iolo Technologies claiming that Windows 7 takes ages to load. Our response: who gives a rat’s ass, especially as it doesn't...

Passwords: Methods for a Modern Bane

My first password was to an IBM System 38 MRP application in 1978. It was four characters long. I chose my first name. I could have picked my last name, I suppose, but the system administrator had already used that as my log-in. To the best of knowledge, no one hacked in using my credentials.

Microsoft kills Works

Microsoft is dumping its venerable Works application suite and replacing it with an ad-supported, free version of Office 2010, dubbed ‘Starter Edition’.

Free Software Foundation goes mad

Opinion: Most folks kinda like supporting the little guy up against The Man. But when the little guy sticks his shorts over his head, puts pencils up his nose and starts saying ‘wibble’, most normal people turn away in embarrassment.

Khronos introduces OpenMax AL multimedia specification for MIDs

The Khronos Group has officially released its OpenMax AL 1.0 specification. According to Khronos spokesperson Jonathan Hirshon, OpenMax is a cross-platform, C-language API for "high-performance" MID multimedia applications.

SAP's Leo Apotheker dismisses Oracle's bid for power

The CEO of SAP was next up on the stage here in the Opera district of Paris at the Etre conference, a man who speaks in measured tones but isn't frit of Oracle at all.