Raindrops keep falling on Mozilla's head

The Mozilla Foundation has issued a call to arms to its developers to create a "mini Web server" that will filter out the desperate tropical storm of messages that we're all deluged with these days.

Intel launches Windows 7 migration kit

Intel Business Exchange (IBX) has launched a migration kit for Windows 7.

Chrome for Mac finally arrives in beta, sort of

Google has announced availability of an official Chrome for Mac browser preview, based on version 4 -already available for Windows but not for Linux or OSX, but is advising people not to try it.

Psystar bootlegs Snow Leopard for the masses

Psystar has introduced a $50 software suite that allows OS X Snow Leopard to run on generic Intel-based hardware. The suite - known as Rebel EFI - is reportedly compatible with Intel Core 2 Duo, Core 2 Quad, i7 and Xeon Nehalem CPUs.

How Microsoft blindsided vulnerable Apple with Windows 7

Column - I think the saying goes that those that don’t learn from history are destined to repeat it.

Nvidia: Windows 7 "dramatically improves" GPU performance

Nvidia has welcomed the official debut of Microsoft Windows 7. A company spokesperson explained that the new operating system will significantly accelerate system performance by using the DirectCompute API to optimize the GPU for both graphics and computing.

Opinion: Ditching Windows has never felt so good

Microsoft has launched yet another iteration of its infamous Windows operating system. Fortunately, I have chosen to opt out of the Microsoft universe and am well on my way to becoming a loyal disciple of the venerable Saint Stephen Jobs.

Microsoft upgrades Bing with live Twitter feed

Microsoft has upgraded its Bing search engine with the addition of a live Twitter feed. According to Microsoft spokesperson Paul Yiu, the new feature will allow users to locate specific Tweets in a user friendly, real time environment.

Windows 7 launches in London hospital

Microsoft launched the very latest version of its operating system - Windows 7 today. The most interesting thing is that people will have to perform a 'clean' installation in order to upgrade from Windows XP.

The best disk defragger just got better

We've been using Auslogic's Disk Defrag since the bad old days when Vista was new. Now it's just got better. So much better that we seriously wonder why the others don't just pack up and go home.

Google readying Music Search

Wired said that Google is set to introduce a music search service, as early as next week.

Phoenix ties knot with Samsung for "instantly on" notebooks

Samsung and Phoenix have linked up to produce the dream of end users everywhere, a notebook or netbook computer that starts instantly.

Amazon: Windows 7 is 'the biggest pre-order product of all time'

Windows 7 has beaten boy wizard Harry Potter to become the biggest pre-order product of all time in the UK, says Amazon.

Program predicts 911 callers' chances of survival

Japanese researchers have developed a computer program which may be able to tell from an emergency call if the caller is about to die.

SCO's Darl McBride gets eliminated

The man who spearheaded SCO's attack against IBM and the Linux operating system has been eliminated.

Ubuntu, IBM wave tiny fists at Microsoft Windows 7

IBM hasn't given up on the grudge it has against Microsoft and so has teamed up with Canonical, the commercial wing of Ubuntu Linux, to create a Linux desktop package targeting low end PCs and netbooks.

Oracle Sun takeover ‘like putting fox in charge of the hen house’

Oracle is the latest large US outfit to come under the baleful stare of EU competition commissioner Neelie Kroes, who has just gained the support of professional open source apologist Richard Stallman.

Office 2010 enters public beta next month

The next version of Microsoft’s flagship application suite, Office 2010 is to be available as a public beta program from November, CEO Steve Ballmer announced today.

Insecurity leads to fascism

Opinion: This weekend we were treated to two yarns from security experts whose main role appears to be making a living from people's fears. Both reveal a considerable amount about the mindset of the anti-virus market.

Google draws global bead on Microsoft, IBM

Search giant Google will today introduce a mass marketing campaign across the world in a bid to draw customers away from Microsoft and IBM office apps into its own application web.