Karmic Koala displays bad karma

If the most technical Ubuntu supporters can't make it work properly, what hope is there for the rest of us?

Why Apple should license Windows 7

Let's start out by saying that hell would likely freeze over before this happened...

Mozilla Firefox 3.6 beta spotted in the wild

Mozilla has released its long-awaited Firefox 3.6 beta.

Apple drops Atom bomb on Hackintosh netbook rebels

Apple has stepped up its war of attrition against Hackintosh rebels by disabling support for Intel's Atom processor in the next version of Snow Leopard.

Snow Leopard glitch means Windows 7 runs faster - on Macs

The brand new 27" iMac is suffering from major problems with video graphics while Windows 7 operating on the same machines is working fine.

Gmail users lose service all weekend

Gmail users are complaining that they have been left without service for long periods over the weekend, with no help from Google.

Apple iTunes update disables Palm sync

Apple has released an updated version of its iTunes software. Predictably, iTunes 9.0.2 blocks the Palm Pre's ability to sync media files with the popular application.

Apple upgrades TV software with tighter iTunes integration

Apple has released a major update for its TV software. TV 3.0 - which features a redesigned GUI - allows users to easily access iTunes Extras, iTunes LP, Genius mixes and Internet radio.

RightNow's pre-emptive strike

Opinion: The already competitive SaaS CRM market is getting more so. At least, that's if my reading of the news coming out of RightNow Technologies Inc. annual customer conference is accurate.

Google finds partners for PowerMeter monitoring

Some people might feel that Google knows quite enough about them already. But for those that aren't too bothered, the company has now signed up utility firms to offer smart monitoring of domestic power usage.

Ubuntu bug subjects TG Daily hack to wrath of fanbois

Dear, oh dear. Nothing quite as bitter as a Linux fanboy scorned, is there?

VMWare tempts Mac users with "ultimate" Windows 7 experience

VMWare has rolled out its Fusion 3 virtualization platform for Mac OS X. The $80 Fusion 3 - which offers 50 new features - allows users to run native Windows applications with "Mac simplicity."

My 10 favorite Windows apps

I am agnostic to operating systems. I've used Mac OSes, I've used OS/2, I've used every version of Windows since version 1.0. I've used SuSE Linux. I liked SuSE Linux. It ran fiendishly fast on the Pentium III-M desktop I built. My problem with it was having to learn a whole new series of applications.

Google intros Android 2.0 Eclair SDK for Droid smartphones

Google has introduced its Android 2.0 software development kit. The SDK - also known as "Eclair" - is expected to power Motorola's new line of Droid smartphones. 

Ubuntu is still rubbish

Review: Every few years or so, I come over all magnanimous and take the view that I really should try Linux again. After all, I am old and befuddled and it probably isn't as bad as I remember it being the last time I tried it. Wrong.

Is Windows 7 too good for Apple to FUD?

Opinion: Apple was blindsided by Windows 7. It wasn’t the product which they saw coming, it was the sustaining marketing budget and positive reviews from Apple loyalists like Walt Mossberg they didn’t see (though several Mac fans have told me that Steve Jobs has taken Walt to task and he is changing his tune).

Google updates Search and Voice

In a little flurry of activity, Google has added new features to several of its products, including its search tool.

Windows 7 upgrades crash and burn

An unknown number of users have reportedly experienced serious difficulties migrating from Vista to Windows 7. Problems range from erroneously invalid product keys to endless reboot loops, which often prevent either operating system from loading. 

Intel optimizes Windows 7 SSD performance

Intel has introduced a solid-state drive toolbox that optimizes 34nm X25-M SATA SSD performance in Windows 7. According to company spokesperson Pete Hazen, both the optimizer and accompanying firmware update use a Windows 7 attribute - not an acronym - known as Trim to ensure "continued" high performance. 

White House dumps Bush' CMS for Open Source

The US government has swapped out its old CMS and has decided to go for Drupal, an open source content management system.