We didn't copy Windows 7 from Mac OS. Did we?

Unseemly row surfaces

Microsoft integrating Wolfram Alpha and Bing

Tanks on Google's lawn

Microsoft: Windows 7 "looks and feels" like Mac OS X

True confessions from Redmond

Mozilla refreshes Firefox 3.6 Beta

Fixes 190 bugs

Google Latitude reminds you where you've been

But can it tell me what I had for breakfast?

'eBay for billionaires' launched

That's my Christmas list sorted out

Samsung launches its own mobile platform

Bada, bada, bada

Apple update fixes critical Snow Leopard bugs

Introducing ??Mac OS X 10.6.2

Mozilla looks ahead as Firefox celebrates fifth anniversary

330 million users and 7,000 add-ons

Microsoft rolls out Exchange 2010

Fair exchange is no robbery

Chinese government attacks Yahoo over porn

Whose turn is it next?

Tool stops search engines gathering your data

Big Brother won't be able to watch any more

Twitter turns UI thinking on its head

Cheep, cheep cheep, yeah

Windows 7 sales outpace Vista adoption

Microsoft finally gets it right

Apple reverses Atom Snow Leopard ban

OS X on a netbook Hackintosh

DashBoard shows users what Google's got on them

Presumably trying to reassure us, Google has launched a new feature allowing users to see which personal data it's storing, and to control or delete some of it.

Parallels takes on VMware

Parallels has introduced its Desktop 5 virtualization platform for the Mac.

Apple brags as apps exceed 100,000 mark

A smug Apple has announced that over 100,000 applications are now available for download from the company's App Store.

Microsoft overhauls MSN home page

Microsoft is giving its MSN home page a revamp, with a new, more open look and integrated Facebook and Twitter feeds.

Google Earth invents a town

Google Earth seems to think that England does not have enough towns and has decided to put one of its own in.