Are you in for a Daylight Savings Time surprise?

Applying the Daylight Savings Time to a single PC isn't such a big deal, but it has been discussed as a big event in the industry.

Google releases embedded Google Talk gadget

Google has released an HTML script that Web designers and Myspace users alike can use to embed the Google Talk application into a web page.

Are you in for a Daylight Savings Time surprise?

Applying the Daylight Savings Time to a single PC isn't such a big deal, but it has been discussed as a big event in the industry.

WeatherBug releases new Vista gadget

Throwing its hat into the limited Vista gadget arena, WeatherBug today announced that it has received certification from the new Windows operating system for a desktop weather application.

Microsoft takes another shot at JPEG with HD Photo format

Redmond (WA) – Microsoft has been working on its own image format for some time: First information about the Windows Media Photo format became available a little over a year ago. Now Microsoft is ready to let users test the new format, renamed to “HD Photo,” in Adobe Photoshop CS2 and CS3.

Berlin in 3D in Google Earth

Hamburg, Germany, announced a few weeks ago that it planned to become the first 3D city for Google Earth, but Germany’s capital has won the race in the end: The city today published a plug-in for Google Earth that includes more than 44,000 buildings in 3D. Extra: Slideshow

Adobe to extend Photoshop with animation, rendering features

Adobe today said that it will unveil two versions of its flagship image editing software Photoshop on March 27. In addition to the regular “CS3” version, there will be a “CS3 Extended” package that will integrate animation and rendering capabilities.

AnyDVD HD now copies Blu-ray discs, too

St. John’s (Antigua) – Slysoft claims to have bypassed virtually any copy protection technology that is integrated in the high-definition disc formats HD DVD and Blu-ray. Following the previously announced HD DVD ripper, the software now also supports Blu-ray discs and allows you to play both formats on computers without HDCP chips.

Adobe developing online version of Photoshop

Adobe is developing an online and free version of its popular Photoshop picture editing program.

Google touts new click fraud prevention systems

In an effort to block fraudulent and invalid clicks on Google Ad links, Google will be adding several prevention methods.

Google adds traffic to maps

Google has added color-coded traffic information to its online Google Maps service.

Fox announces TV show downloads from affiliate sites

Fox is set to announce today that it will begin offering downloads of its shows on over 200 local affiliate websites.

Microsoft releases patch for Vista

Microsoft has issued a bugfix for the recently released Windows Vista, which resolves a problem with the network adapter component.

WordPerfect Lightning beta goes live

Corel has released a public beta version of WordPerfect Lightning, a free and toned down version of its word processor that lets users create, edit, print and store files online for remote access.

BitTorrent to offer legal TV, movie downloads

The name behind one of the most popular forms of digital piracy, BitTorrent has announced that it is launching a new platform that will allow consumers to purchase digital content on the up and up.

"Most" Vista Express upgrades confirmed to ship in March

Chicago (IL) - The Vista Express upgrade, which has not been so "express," as we learned yesterday, will finally be making its way to consumers in March, supply chain management firm ModusLink told TG Daily today.

UPDATE: Windows Vista Express Upgrades could begin shipping next week

If you purchased a PC before January 30 and took advantage of the Vista Express Upgrade program, you know by now that this program is everything else but "Express".

Skype 3.1 beta adds virtual yellow pages

Although Skype 3.0 was just released a few months ago, a new public beta version has already been made available.

Will Apple's Leopard bite? - analyst opinion

Windows Vista is out the gate, but Apple is gearing up to unleash its latest wildcat, Leopard. How does it compare to Vista and will it be strong enough to offer convincing incentives over the use of Microsoft's $5 billion Vista OS?

AMD raises graphics performance with second-gen Vista driver

AMD today released its second Catalyst graphics driver for Windows Vista, promising performance gains between 21% and 48% in certain games. Nvidia also has caught up with Vista and recently released its first final driver for the new operating system.