New AMD catalyst driver adds DX10 support for Radeon HD 2900 XT graphic cards

AMD has released the fifth driver upgrade for its Radeon graphics card family.

Intel set to announce graphics partnership with Nvidia?

Chicago (IL) – Intel may soon be announcing a close relationship with Nvidia, which apparently will be contributing to the company’s Larrabee project, TG Daily has learned. Larrabee is expected to roll out in 2009 and debut as a floating point accelerator product with a performance of more than 1 TFlops as well as a high-end graphics card with dual-graphics capabilities.

Microsoft to offer improved tools to search books

Akustica introduces HD microphone

Digital microphone specialist Akustica today announced what it calls the world's first high definition microphone for computers and mobile devices.

Google moves to offline software with Gears

Google has unveiled its first major software product that consumers can use without the need for a permanent Internet connection.

New Firefox update adds security, Vista support

Mozilla released its third update to Firefox 2.0 this week.

AMD releases 9 watt Sempron processor

AMD announced a new version of its Sempron processor which will be targeted at fanless embedded designs.

Microsoft adds New York to Live Search Maps

The Big Apple is getting the 3D treatment in Microsoft’s updated Live Search Map service. Extra: Image Gallery

Microsoft Surface: What Media Center should have been - analyst opinion

When I was briefed on Surface (previously code-named Milan) a few days ago, I was incredibly impressed. Having gotten used to disappointments like Origami, Zune, and even the Media Center PC where Microsoft didn’t actually finish the offering, this product was a breath of fresh air, largely because it was complete.

Microsoft unveils “Surface” computer

Carlsbad (CA) – Microsoft today unveiled what the company calls surface computer, a new product that allows users to interact with content and information without a traditional mouse and keyboard.   Microsoft unveils Surface computer (6 images) ...  

Samsung packs 4 GB memory chip into cellphones

Seoul (Korea) – There is no such thing as too much memory: Samsung announced that it has begun shipping a 4 GB NAND flash chip package for cellphones – which could eliminate the need for expansion card slots at least for some next-generation mobile phones. The new moviMCP flash is a multi-chip package consisting of two 16 Gb flash chips as well as a 1 Gb (128 MB) mobile DRAM chip to support the processor and a 2 Gb (256 MB) NAND flash chip for general handset operations (such as storing the operating system and core applications).  

Turn your PS3 into a Linux Server

Helios Software today released a free download of a modified Yellow Dog Linux (YDL) distribution, optimized to use Sony's Playstation 3 as a test-drive server.

Dell ships Linux PCs today

Linux fans can rejoice because Dell is now shipping Ubuntu-installed desktops and notebooks.

Nero brings Blu-ray, HD DVD burning to Linux

Video editing software company Nero announced today that Nero Linux 3 is available worldwide, claiming it is the first Linux application to support Blu-ray and HD DVD burning.

Valve's Steam hits 13 million user mark

Valve Software announced today that over 13 million users are now actively using its Steam digital distribution service.

Immersion offers tactile feedback technology for portable devices with touchscreens

Immersion today announced the availability of tactile feedback for small touchscreens used in navigation devices, media players and remote controls.

OCZ intros DDR3 enthusiast memory

OCZ announced PC3-8500 and PC3-10666 memory modules for Intel 3-series chipset motherboards.

Western Digital ships 250 GB notebook hard drive

Western Digital (is getting more aggressive in the perpendicular race and today said that it has begun shipping a 2.5” notebook hard drive with the industry’s “highest capacity.”

Intel eliminates lead from 45nm line

Intel has announced that it will eliminate lead from its future line of 45 nm processors which include the Core 2 Duo, Core 2 Quad and Xeon processors.

Dell updates high-end XPS gaming rig

Round Rock (TX) – Dell today announced a new version of its XPS 720 H2C Edition, which includes factory overclocked memory and more bling-bling.