Nvidia unveils Tesla, moves into supercomputing

Nvidia today announced Tesla, a third product line next to the GeForce and Quadro graphics products. The company aims to use Tesla cards and the massive floating point horsepower of its graphics processors to take over a portion of the lucrative supercomputing market.

Youtube coming to iPhone, AppleTV

Apple today said that iPhone buyers will be able to access Youtube videos via EDGE or Wi-Fi networks.

MySpace launches instant messaging app

The world’s most popular social networking site MySpace has officially launched a beta instant messaging application.

Seagate introduces power-saving Cheetah NS enterprise drives

Seagate has spun down its 15k-RPM Cheetah drives and transformed them into bigger and cooler Cheetah NS hard drives.

Microsoft to allow third-party desktop search in Vista

Microsoft has agreed to change how Vista does its desktop search in response to a complaint by Google.

Adobe ushers in paper-free reading – again

Samsung announces 1 TB hard drive

Following Hitachi GST, Samsung is the second company to offer a 3.5” hard drive with a capacity of 1 TB. However, Samsung offers 67% more storage density per disk.

AMD: Barcelona still on track for a Q3 announcement

Following rumors that the firm’s quad-core Opteron processor, code-named Barcelona, is facing delays, AMD today said that it has “not changed the guidance” on the CPU’s launch.

Bittorrent releases SDK for consumer electronics

Microsoft releases new beta of Open XML file converter for Mac

Microsoft dumps Digital Image software

Microsoft's answer to Adobe Photoshop Elements has been axed, mainly because all of the features it offered are integrated into Windows Vista.

Linux Skype gets pushed up to 1.4 Beta

Skype has released a new beta version of its voice-over IP software for Linux users, bringing new features to the open source platform for the first time.

Microsoft’s IPTV platform gets some upgrades and a new name

Chicago (IL) – Microsoft introduced a new version of its IPTV platform, which is now called “Mediaroom”.

Intel lays out Itanium road to 32 nm

There isn’t much we have heard about Intel’s flagship processor for datacenter processors lately: But Itanium is alive and Intel has just updated its roadmap – ranging from the upcoming Montvale processor, to Tukwila, the first 32 nm design Poulson and its successor Kittson.

I/O Magic announces 250 GB portable hard drive

Quickly moving high capacity from the desktop to the portable market, I/O is bringing a 250 GB model to its "Data To Go" line of small form factor hard drives later this month.

Safari: Do we really need another Web browser?

Opinion - The beta release of a Windows version of Apple's Safari browser made a lot of waves this week, but in the bigger picture of a software market already well defined, Safari is really more of a muted splash.

IBM patents external DRAM box

IBM has been granted a patent to a technology, which could allow users to expand system memory via an external box.

Intel retires all but one entry-level Netburst processors

Intel has begun phasing out four Celeron D desktop processors based on the 65 nm Cedar Mill core.

Apple demonstrates “near final” Vista beater

San Francisco (CA) – Apple today took the wraps off a refreshed and almost complete new version of MacOS X: “Leopard”, widely perceived as Apple’s answer to Windows Vista, introduced several new and is on track to launch in October. After a surprising delay of the operating system, Apple has delivered on its promise to show what the company calls a “near final” version of MacOS X 10.5, commonly referred to as “Leopard”.

iPhone to support third-party Web 2.0 applications

Apple has taken first steps to create a developer community around its upcoming iPhone platform.