Intel to debut 45 nm Harpertown quad-core CPU with up to 3.16 GHz

Some technical specifications about Intel’s upcoming 45 nm Xeon DP processor generation have reached the web. According to a partial slide posted by VR-Zone, the new quad-core CPU will be available with up to 3.16 GHz.

Apple looks at illuminated touchpad in new patent

Mclean (VA) - A recently filed Apple patent describes a new kind of touchpad that lights up to in response to normal activity. In the patent, Apple says it might be "desirable to provide visual stimuli at the touch pad so that a user can better operate the touch pad."  For example, the patent talks about the touchpad illuminating when it is touched, and light paths could follow the movement of touch.

Overclocking problems hit Dell’s high-end H2C desktop

Dell has temporarily removed the 3.73 GHz version of its Intel Core 2 Extreme QX6800-based XPS 720 H2C due to a lack of processors that lack enough overclocking potential.

Intel launches first mobile Core 2 Extreme, 3 GHz quad-core and FSB1333 CPUs

Intel introduced six new Core 2 Duo variants, bringing the total for notebooks and desktop PCs to 29 different models: The Core 2 Extreme X7800 is the new flagship of the mobile CPU portfolio, new 2.66 GHz and 3 GHz quad-core desktop processors as well FSB 1333 dual-core chips extend the mainstream product line. Price cuts ring in a new round in the price war with AMD.

Intel phases out all remaining Netburst Xeon DP processors

Intel has sent all four remaining Xeon DP processors with the 65 nm Dempsey core into its product discontinuance program.

GP GPUs unleashed: Nvidia releases CUDA 1.0

Programmers can now unlock the general processing power of their Nvidia graphics cards with a new SDK.

Logitech unveils remote control-style mouse

Fremont (CA) – Logitech today announced its MX Air mouse, a stylish new mouse that has the shape of a common mouse, but works “in air” as well and is used just like a remote control.      

Dresden unveils 3D map for Google Earth

Following Berlin, Dresden is the second German city to release a complex map of the city for Google Earth. The map is available free of charge and shows imagery of more than 150,000 buildings, city representatives said.>> In pictures: Dresden in 3D  

Microsoft convinces TurboLinux to join Open XML-ODF translator project

Microsoft robotics software adds support for Win CE, Ageia PhysX

Transmeta gets a much needed cash infusion from AMD

Transmeta gets some financial breathing room thanks to a $7.5 million investment from AMD, which boosted the company’s stock by more than 30% today.

AMD feels “confident” about Barcelona performance estimates

Chicago (IL) – Two Barcelona benchmark charts published on AMD’s website caused quite a stir yesterday: Intel wasn’t happy about outdated performance numbers causing AMD to remove the charts.  

New video features hit Skype 3.5 Beta

A new Beta version of Skype is available, with a strong emphasis on new features that revolve around sending and sharing videos.

AMD posts Barcelona benchmark numbers

Chicago (IL) – AMD has posted performance “estimates” of its upcoming Barcelona quad-core processor on its website.  

Apple patent goes for a "button-less" mouse

Cupertino (CA) - Apple has filed a patent application for a mouse that, instead of using buttons, has an optical sensing surface. The patent describes the technology as a "mouse having a button-less panning and scrolling switch."  The controls are recognized via a built-in camera that senses light from inside the mouse, and can recognize where the user's fingers are by the displacement of light.

Microsoft apologizes for slow additions to Windows Vista Ultimate

A rare Microsoft apology was issued this week, in response to complaints that Windows Vista Ultimate wasn't living up to update expectations outlined by the software giant.

Aircable brings out Bluetooth dongle with 18+ mile range

Bluetooth specialist Wireless Cables Inc (WCI) has announced its latest innovation, a USB Bluetooth dongle with a range extending nearly 19 miles.

Firefox 3 moves into Alpha 6

Less than a month after Alpha 5 went into developers' hands, the next version of the Firefox preview build is now available.

Analysis: How serious are the bugs in Intel's Core 2 Duo?

Last week, Intel released a Core 2 microcode update to BIOS and OS vendors. The fallout from that release has many analysts scratching their head about the possible danger of Core 2 microprocessors. The big questions are a matter of trust: How can consumers trust a microprocessor which does not compute correctly? Let's take a look at all that entails.

Panasonic introduces 4x Blu-ray burner

Panasonic has announced that it is developing a new Blu-ray Disc drive that can write to single and dual-layer discs at a max speed of 18 MB/s.