A comparison of next-gen display interfaces

Indianapolis (IN) – The world of graphics technologies continues changing at phenomenal rates. It is often difficult for the average consume to keep up with all of the advancements. Buzzwords like DVI, HDMI, UDI and DisplayPort are all the rage.  But, what is behind those phrases and how do they relate to one another? We have compiled the data into one comprehensive, easy to read overview.

Intel drops 32-bit dual-core LV processors

Intel has informed its customers that it has begun phasing out two of its three “Sossaman” processors.

NEC and Hitachi announce HDD watercooling technology

Chicago (IL) – After CPUs and GPUs, there’s now a device to watercool your hard drives as well.      

Xerox announces “greener” paper

Rochester (NY) – Xerox said that it has developed a new kind of digital printing paper that can be manufactured using trees more efficiently.      

Analysis: AMD's technology opiate

AMD made a very powerful presentation yesterday. No question about that. Anyone sitting in the audience or listening in, at least those who didn't have any reason to believe otherwise, is likely to be absolutely convinced about AMD’s vision. The company showed nothing but a solid purpose of mind. It was actually very refreshing to see such an upbeat AMD on that stage. The question now is: Will AMD’s vision be enough?>> In Pictures: Bulldozer, Bocat and AMD's roadmap update  

Dell delays XPS M1330 notebook

Dell has said that, although it has begun shipping the XPS M1330 notebooks, "the process to ramp production has taken a bit longer than we expected."

Wrap-up: AMD outlines a bright future at Technology Analyst Day

Sunnyvale (CA) – If you have been waiting for some news on how AMD will counter Intel in the next one, two years, then the Technology Analyst Day provided many answers. Not a lot of finished products, but AMD outlined its ideas which the company hopes will shape the industry down the road. If you have missed the webcast, here’s our comprehensive wrap-up.  

Update 1: AMD gets more aggressive, announces next-gen CPU cores

Sunnyvale (CA) – There are very few options for AMD other than moving into the offense these days: The company’s chief technology officer today revealed at a meeting with analysts more details about the first Fusion processor “Falcon” as well as processors succeeding Barcelona: Bulldozer and Bobcat. And: The company plans to catch up with Intel’s production process in 2009.  

Toshiba rolls out first HD DVD-R notebook PC

More than a year after recordable Blu-ray Disc media became available, HD DVD has finally made its way into the same market with Toshiba's latest notebook computer.

Samsung touts development of first Displayport desktop LCD

Samsung claims to have developed the first desktop LCD with Displayport interface, which competes with HDMI, DVI and UDI.

AMD to double memory capacity in server applications

AMD has come up with a new technology that will allow the company to install 16 memory modules per CPU socket – instead of only 8 that are used with Opteron CPUs today.

Western Digital unleashes 2 TB external storage devices

Lake Forest (CA) – Western Digital has upgraded its external My Book drive line with 2 TB versions.  The larger size will be available on the My Book World Edition II, My Book Pro Edition II and the My Book Premium II.

Caneland & Tigerton: Intel preps for battle against AMD’s 4P Opteron

Hillsboro (OR) – Intel today disclosed more details about its final Core microprocessor product – the Tigerton processor: The CPU will go head to head with AMD’s 4P+ Opteron processors, which have dominated the MP processor segment for more than 2 years.

Next Windows OS only three years away?

Western Digital announces Green terabyte hard drives

Hard drives are among the most power hungry components in your PC. We have see several new ideas to cut power consumption of the devices with new technologies such as hybrid hard drives, but Western Digital claims that it has found a way to make its upcoming 1 TB hard drive use 40% less power than competing products.

Quad-cores for all – Intel’s price cut

Intel’s not-so-secret price cut has been officially announced.

iPod and iPhone causing flash memory shortage – report

Brisk sales of Apple’s iPhone and iPod are fueling a worldwide shortage in flash memory chips according to a new report issued by DRAMeXchange.

Microsoft delays Vista SP1

OCZ introduces 1800 MHz DDR3 modules

Sunnyvale (CA) – OCZ Technology has introduced one of the fastest DDR3 memory modules on the market.  It’s new PC3-14400 Platinum edition runs at 1800 MHz and promises to have “ample overclocking capability”, according to OCZ.

Kanguru hops out with environmentally friendly external hard drives

Millis (MA) - Kanguru announced today that it has released its new line of Eco Drive external hard drives, calling them the most environmentally friendly option available.The Eco Drive has a tiered system of power reduction.  After three seconds of inactivity, it goes into "idle mode", which takes the operating level down to 80%.  After three minutes, it automatically moves into "standby mode", in which the drive only operates at around 10% - 20% of normal consumption.