Microsoft axes Indeo

Gives up attempts to fix ancient codec

Adobe gets parked in a Gartner quadrant

It's a sort of a cyberplace

Oracle pledges to keep MySQL sweet

Sun arise, early in the EU morning

Google scoops up all Twitter Tweets

Information underload

Twitter plans developer conference

With very short keynote speeches

Safari outruns Chrome in Mac browser race

12 percent faster than Google

Google launches Living Story pages

A new way of getting the news

Google launches Mac Chrome beta

A "first-class" browser for OS X

Apple scraps 1,000 iPhone apps

Following ratings scam

Google debuts real-time search

A "dynamic stream" of content

Google finally does evil

Look it up if you don't believe us

Up Pompeii, courtesy of Google Streetview

I saw a funny thing on the way to the forum

Google optimizes web browsing with public DNS

Resolutions for the masses

Bing walks on the wild side, with Streetside

Pavements, not sidewalks, not Street View

Microsoft throws book at software counterfeiters

Multiple cases start

Black Screen of Death outfit slammed by users

Glass house, stone interface alert

HP: Virtual desktops to simplify PC computing

Malware, hassle and maintenance free

Facebook announces privacy changes

Zuckerberg talks to 350 million users

Microsoft refutes Black Screen of Death allegations

Denies link between updates and system crashes

Microsoft update crashes Windows OS

Black screen of death? returns