This system detects global trends in social networks two months in advance

A new method of monitoring identifies what information will be relevant on social networks up to two months in advance. This may help predict social movements, consumer reactions or possible outbreaks of epidemics.

Are social networks making us smarter?

The secret to why some cultures thrive and others disappear may lie in our social networks and our ability to imitate, rather than our individual smarts, according to a new University of British Columbia study.

Scientists may predict how your romantic entanglements on Facebook will turn out

A new research study - jointly written by Lars Backstrom of Facebook and Jon Kleinberg of Cornell University - tries to understand how your relationships pan out figuratively and mathematically. The result is a predictive of the ebb and flow of your relationships.

Quitting Facebook - what's behind the new trend to leave social networks?

If you are ready to commit "virtual identity suicide," delete your Facebook account, and say good-bye to social networking sites, you are not alone.

Loneliness Illustrated So Beautifully You Will Need To Tell Someone

In a world where we collect friends like stamps, here’s some sense for our social networks. At :40 my jaw hits the floor when creator Shimi Cohen outlines our max capacity of our social circles. And when at 2:20 he gets into the mind-blowing reason hitting delete is ...

Software can 'identify online predators'

Researchers have developed a free software app that they say can help detect pedophiles and criminals online.

Facebook used to weed out potential hires

I'm quite sure most of us have friends on Facebook and other social networking sites like Twitter that we are only somewhat distantly familiar with or perhaps don't really even know at all. 

Flipboard comes to the iPhone

Flipboard has shrunk down and reengineered its iPad magazine-reading app to create an iPhone version.

Royal wedding madness invades social networks

My excitement and anticipation for the big royal wedding has been mounting for weeks, not because I’m somewhat of an Anglophile but rather for the sheer once-in-a-lifetime excitement of the whole thing.

Feds say it's OK to pan your boss on Facebook

Federal agency the National Labor Relations Board has launched a legal case asserting that employees have a right to free speech on Facebook.

Software searches for faces online

A new program will soon be released which can scan social networks for pictures of particular individuals.

Hapless search engines distribute malware

Did you know that search engines such as Bing and social networks like Twitter are chronic distributors of nefarious malware?

Report: Microsoft prepping new version of Windows Live

Microsoft is preparing to launch a new version of Windows Live, which has apparently been dubbed "Wave 4" by a team of very bored marketeers.

Nefarious Koobface worm rears its ugly head on Facebook

The nefarious Koobface worm of digital yore has made a dangerous comeback by rearing its ugly head on Facebook.