Yahoo rolls out revamped email service

It's taken its time, but Yahoo is finally getting its revamped mail service out of beta, giving its 284 million users social network integration, faster search and more.

BranchOut brings jobs to Facebook pages

BranchOut, the largest specialized networking service on Facebook, released its newest product yesterday, the Jobs Tab.

VH1 launches Co-Star iPad app

VH1 has launched Co-Star, an iPad app designed to engage viewers in online conversation about their favorite TV shows like Mob Wives, Saddle Ranch and Audrina.

News of Bin Laden's death spreads via Twitter, New Yorkers take action

The energy in New York was explosive last night as news of Osama Bin Laden’s death spread like wildfire throughout the city.

State Department focuses on social media outreach is no more as the State Department allocates resources from the site towards new social media endeavors.

How to make Twitter more useful

Last year, Twitter made it a goal to increase monetization of its social networking site by implementing promoted tweets and running ad campaigns with major brands.

Report: UberMedia to launch Twitter competitor

UberMedia, a company which has coded multiple Twitter apps, may be planning to launch its own site to compete with the social networking giant.

Social networking gets video makeover with Tout

The emphasis on real-time, online communications has grown tremendously over the past few years with social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook storming the Internet. 

Rumor: Facebook finally headed to China

Could it be true? Is Facebook really heading to China?

Twitter eyes promoted pages

Much like Facebook’s business pages, word on the street says Twitter is considering a similar strategy as part of its plan to monetize the social networking site.

Photo-sharing network says goodbye to privacy

How does a social network with no privacy settings at all sound? Because that's the setup with Color, a new application from Bill Nguyen, the entrepreneur who sold Lala to Apple in 2009 for around $80 million.

Facebook snaps up Snaptu for push into feature phone market

Acknowledging that the majority of phones sold around the world are on-smartphone models, Facebook has agreed to buy Israeli start-up Snaptu, which offers social networking services on simpler phones.

Twitter gets serious about HTTPS

Twitter is bolstered its digital security perimeter with the addition of a setting that offers permanent access to the popular social networking site via HTTPS.

Location-based apps take center stage at SXSW

SXSW is a show defined by minds and ideas, rather than the announcement of new consumer electronics.

Are we experiencing Charlie Sheen overload?

Like any good Internet meme, there comes a point of saturation where sheer delight turns to absolute disgust and overload. Take that sheer disgust and multiply it by three and there you have it: Charlie Sheen.

Facebook and Twitter help spur political change in Tunisia

After years of unpopular rule, Tunisia's President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali has been ousted from power. 

Celebrations took shape in all forms, including parties, riots in the street, and of course on Twitter and Facebook.

Social networkers get choosy

2010 was a year chock full of social networking competition. From Facebook’s meteoric rise to number one, to the popularity of picture sharing sites and Twitter, it seems like almost everyone is a member of at least one social networking site.

Facebook redefines shopping experience with social e-commerce

When it comes to Facebook's 500 million users, the question on everybody's mind is: how can we harness the power of these numbers into a money making platform?

Social networks threaten the web, says its founder

Facebook and Apple are a threat to the internet, Sir Tim Berners-Lee warns today, twenty years after the creation of the web.

Apple's Ping gains Twitter integration

Apple's Ping - described at its September launch as the social network of music - has now been integrated into Twitter.