Report: Google+ traffic is dwindling

Only a few weeks after Google+ boasted record numbers of activations and visits, reports indicate that the brand new social networking site may already be losing some thunder.

Facebook one ups Google+ with biz launch

After Google locked businesses out of Google+ (for now), Facebook has strategically launched an online guide describing how corporations can benefit from using the social networking site. Excellent timing if you ask me.

How to get a Bird's Eye view of the Twitterverse

Like having your own personal map and compass in the Twitterverse, Bird's-Eye is an iPad app designed to track tweets in a particular geographic location.

Google+ to issue warnings over fake names

If you signed up for Facebook using a fake name, don't think you'll get away with it on Google+ too.

"F-You Washington" hashtag sparks a Twitter revolution

Blogger Jeff Jarvis seems to have cause quite the uproar on Twitter after sending out a tweet with the hashtag "F***YouWashington."

Yes, games are on the horizon for Google+

Social games like Farmville and Mafia Wars may have been born into the Facebook revolution, but it seems as if similar titles will be a major part of Google+ as well. 

Yes, Twitter is doing better than ever

Despite two of its original founders leaving, pressure from competing social sites Facebook and Google+, and a government antitrust inquiry, Twitter executive Dick Costolo says the company is doing better than ever.

Report: Facebook bans Google+ advert

The battle between Google+ and Facebook is heating up, with FB banning one app developer for promoting his Google+ account on the popular social networking site.

Microsoft "accidentally" teases social networking app

On the heels of the recent Google+ launch, Microsoft "accidentally" published a splash page for what looks like a social application called "Tulalip" on, reports Fusible.

Google+ has 10 million members

When it comes to social media Google moves fast.

Facebook blocks exporter tools for Google+

Yesterday, TG Daily covered a new tool that allows Google+ users to update Facebook from within the rival social network.

How to update Facebook in Google+

Ever since the Google+ beta launched a few weeks ago, obsessive social networkers have complained about the lack of Facebook integration preventing users from cross posting between sites. 

Katango algorithm sorts Facebook friends into circles

Facebook may have an ally in the looming war with Google+ and its Circles feature, in the form of an app which arranges Facebook friends into subgroups - automatically.

Facebook blocking Friend Exporter plugin

Facebook is at it again. They’re giving people even more reasons to question their actions.

Google tries to be social with +

Google has debuted a social networking platform designed to "fix" online sharing.

Politicians take a break from Twitter after Weinergate

In the wake of Rep. Anthony Weiner’s (D-NY) nudie pic scandal on Twitter, tweeting seems to have dropped significantly amongst lawmakers in America.

Facebook testing real-time "Happening Now" feature

Facebook is engaged in limited testing of a new feature known as the "Happening Now" sidebar.

LIKE - Woman tattoos Facebook friends on arm

How deeply engrained is Facebook in your daily life? Do you check it five times a day? Ten times a day? What about everytime you look down at your arm?

Sina Weibo wants to challenge Twitter

Sina Weibo, China’s answer to Twitter, is "actively preparing" to launch an English version of its popular microblogging platform by the end of 2011.

The World Knowledge Bank: The next frontier in social networking

Despite all the hype, social networking is still very much in its infancy.