Finding hidden circles may improve social network privacy settings

Creating a computer program to find relationships in networks, such as Google Plus and Facebook, may help users more easily set up and maintain privacy settings, according to researchers.

Redesigned MySpace opens its virtual doors

If you thought MySpace died a horrible death a very long time ago, well, you probably aren't alone.

Microsoft launches social network for students

Microsoft has opened its rather modest - and somewhat retro - social networking site to the public.

Facebook charges over $700k for logout ad bundles

I'm not really a heavy user of Facebook, but I do browse the social networking site often enough that I don't feel the need to logout after every session.

Employers demand Facebook passwords from potential hires

Reports seem to indicate that more and more employers are requiring potential hires to turn over Facebook passwords - if they wish to be considered for open positions.

FBI steps up social media tracking

´╗┐The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is actively seeking developers to code a platform capable of monitoring social networks for threats.

MySpace gains 1 million users

I pretty much chocked MySpace up for dead way back when. The social networking site has been bleeding visitors since 2008, when at its peak, it attracted 75.9 million unique visitors each month.

Google snaps up Dealmap

Google is taking a highlander approach when it comes to providing Internet services. They’re buying up companies that provide popular services, because in the end there can be only one.

Anonymous plans uncensored social network

The Anonymous hacking collective has announced plans to set up its own social network, after its members were banned from Google+.

Apple details iPhone OS 4 specs

Apple has previewed its long-awaited iPhone OS 4 software and released a beta version to iPhone Developer Program members.

Twitter finally revamps home page

After 4 years of failing to convey its message to first-time Twitter users, the micro-blogging site has refreshed its home page that now does a better job of showing what Twitter is all about.