Google+ launches games; Facebook ups the game

As expected, Google's added games to its Google+ social networking service - and Facebook has fired right back with new gaming features of its own.

Zynga and Tencent release online game in China

The social gaming company Zynga has brought its gaming services to China in a partnership with the Chinese Internet service Tencent. Their first game is titled "Zynga City."

Yes, games are on the horizon for Google+

Social games like Farmville and Mafia Wars may have been born into the Facebook revolution, but it seems as if similar titles will be a major part of Google+ as well. 

Facebook game gives winner real gold

Many popular social games require you to gather gems and various trinkets to advance further. But how would you like a Facebook game that pays the winner with real gold?

EA Scrabble lets iPhone and Android play nicely

Scrabble is a popular game, and now it’s being used to unite social gamers no matter what platform they happen to be on.

Popular Facebook app DoubleDown Casino adds video poker

The popular Facebook app DoubleDown Casino has added video poker to its lineup of social games.  

Mobile devices change the world of gaming 4ever

Recently published stats from mobile analytics firm Flurry seem to indicate that smartphones and tablets have effectively altered the traditional world of gaming.

Disney in takeover talks with Playdom

Walt Disney is planning a major push into social gaming, according to the Wall Street Journal, which says it's in talks to acquire Playdom.

Civilization creator gives thumbs-up to social gaming

Civilization creator Sid Meier has given the thumbs-up to social gaming by describing the genre as an exciting "new frontier."