"Social" bacteria that work together to hunt for food and survive under harsh conditions

When considering the behavior of bacteria, the word "social" doesn't often come to mind. Yet some bacteria are quite social, chief among them Myxococcus xanthus, a soil-dwelling bacterium that organizes itself into multi-cellular, three-dimensional structures made up of thousands of cells that work together to hunt for food and survive under harsh conditions.

Digg sold, will merge with News.me

Social news site Digg has been sold to tech development firm Betaworks for a price rumored to be just $500,000 - despite once having been valued at more than $160 million.

Zynga steps back from Facebook with social gaming plans

Zynga's announced that it's creating its own gaming social network, and launching a sequel to the ever-popular Farmville.

Bing revamped with clearer social content

Microsoft's rolling out its first big update to Bing since the search engine first launched three years ago.

Italian prof launches social search service

An Italian professor whose research inspired the creators of Google now reckons he can go one better.

Advertisers target social networks

Social networking has officially gone mainstream in the corporate world, with at least 80% of companies using the medium for marketing purposes.

Anti-Porn group uses "science" to educate

The anti-porn group Fight The New Drug is trying to use scientific claims to get people to stop watching porn. Good luck guys.

iPhone goes social with media stream feature

Apple looks set to introduce social media features in the next release of the iPhone operating system, iOS 4.3. Trawling through an early developer build, Apple Insider says it's  noticed a 'Media Stream' folder which contains another folder titled 'Photo Streaming'. The implication is that Apple plans to allow users to share their photos with friends.

Are hardcore gamers snobby and elitist?

We all know that hardcore gamers are serious about their rigs and dedication to the geek genre. But are they also a snobby and elitist bunch with little tolerance for social or casual gamers?

Microsoft Outlook hella loves Facebook

Corporate American drones may become slightly more sociable with a new Microsoft Outlook update that offers seamless integration with Facebook and Windows Live Messenger.

Facebook wants credits, not dollars

Facebook and social game developer CrowdStar have signed a potentially lucrative deal for the exclusive use of Credits as a virtual currency.

Amazon goes social with new Kindle update

Amazon has confirmed that its upcoming Kindle software update will allow users to share book passages with friends on Facebook and Twitter "directly" from the device.

Google launches campaign to promote Buzz privacy settings

Google has kicked off a campaign to promote its redesigned Buzz social networking platform, which now boasts improved privacy features such as auto-following.

Let the gaming begin!

With the show floor now open at GDC 2010, it's game on for show attendees.

Microsoft goes social with Outlook 2010

Corporate drones rejoice! You will soon be able to use Microsoft Outlook to view Facebook and MySpace status updates from the privacy of your dreary cubicles!