On the eve of Avatar

One of my favorite parts of the writing process is research, and it's great fun to go back to old press reports to see if stories were on target about movies, or if they were ridiculously off base.

No, The Muppets aren't radiating subliminal messages

Unfortunately, there are quite lot of gullible people who believe all kinds of nonsense.

Updated: Can Cowboys & Aliens take on the... Smurfs?

Like Super 8, there was speculation and box office armchair quarterbacking about Cowboys and Aliens, which wasn’t based on a previous movie, TV show, or video game, and how it would potentially perform at the box office.

First look at Smurfs film

Colombia Pictures recently released a goof-ball trailer for the upcoming Smurfs film adaptation. The biggest thing I came away with: the Smurfs have grown up.

Kevin Smith tells all at Macworld 2010

Kevin Smith has predicted that Apple's iPad will inevitably be used as an impromptu murder weapon in a future movie.